Reanna Waugh
Health & Wellness

I help with :
  • Healthy habits
  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Mental health & wellness
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Conscious relationships

More about me

Unlike other coaching programs, the coaching methods that I employ extend beyond basic actions and mentoring approaches. The program package that I design for you knows that gimmicks don’t create long-term results – the mind is the key to your continued success. Even a perfect system won’t prosper without the right mindset. When you transform your mindset, you are suddenly keen to revolutionize your story. Most societies are imprisoned by their own set expectations – they become ambushed in a cycle of negative self-talk and come satisfied they’re unsuitable or powerless to achieve their goals. I have extensive training and education to encourage you to establish those beliefs and break patterns that are holding you back.


I use success-driven systems and modalities in order to save yourself decades of trial and error as you explore the secrets to a prosperous life.  You’ll understand that it’s never a shortage of resources holding you back – it’s a lack of resourcefulness. Start identifying the mechanisms, approaches, and qualities possible to you and stay more accountable so you learn lasting results in the area of life that means most – personal growth, business, health, finances or personal relationships. Master approaches that authorize you to enhance on accounting for your small business all the way to mastering how to become your own boss.

Location and language :

  • Canada/Eastern
  • English