Tim Hicks
Executive Coach

I help with :
  • Resilience
  • Executive leadership
  • Neuroleadership
  • Entrepreneur Dream
  • High performance

More about me

I help clients get clarity on core values and preferences and create meaningful vision, goals and strategies that leads to much higher satisfaction and success in work and life! The coaching relationship is undermined by my evidenced based approach I call the 4A PERFORMANCE PINNACLE PROCESS: 1.AWARENESS: I listen deeply to you like you've never been listened to before. I respectfully listen to what you think, feel, and want to tell me rather than what I want to hear. Much more than just hearing the words, I actively listen to your commitments and context beyond what is being said in words. 2.ACTION: Together we will design a 100% customised solution. I will meet you where you are at in your journey, not where I want you to be. I pay attention to the your context and your core values, motives and preferences and help you create a vision of success and strategies to get there. 3.ACCOUNTABILITY: The ultimate success of any coaching relationship is measured by the felt, observable and sustainable changes it brings about. I measure what’s important to you and will help you to remain accountable to your vision and the goals created to get there. 4.ACHIEVEMENT: At the end of the day, coaching is about performance that is meaningful for my client. The change process is about impacting personal leadership. The coaching process is designed to achieve a ROI of the money invested, time invested and offers a great sense of personal achievement.


I’ve a track record of success in business, marketing, organisational psychology and coaching psychology. Previously I’ve worked in middle and senior management roles in the Pharmaceutical, FMCG Chemicals and Professional Services sectors. I have university qualifications including a BSc. (Ex Phys & Biomech), MMgmt (Mktg.) and MSc. (Pysc.). I translate leading theory into innovative and pragmatic solutions that optimise performance for individuals. My solutions are effective because I apply an evidence-based methodology founded on established adult learning and psychological principles to the real world.

Location and language:

  • Australia/Sydney
  • English, Deutsch


  • 8
  • University of Sydney
  • 2012

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