Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D., CDE, ACC
Coaching: Executive; Inclusive, BIPOC & Women's Leadership

I help with :
  • Cross Cultural Coaching
  • Finding your purpose
  • Executive coaches
  • Female empowerment
  • Inclusive & Equitable Leadership Coaching

I cultivate bravery and strategic action in people to be inclusive and equitable leaders who shift organizational culture and practices. I coach leaders to lead inclusively & equitably, with emotional intelligence, so they achieve or exceed their goals; BIPOC/womxn leaders to navigate the complexity of identity in the workplace and achieve their personal and professional goals; and leaders who are parents working to balance career ambition and passion while being present and engaged with their children.


We provide inclusive and equitable leadership coaching informed by neuroscience, solution-focused psychology, flow (optimal experience), positive & emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, intersectionality, and liberatory consciousness. Thriven Partners helps leaders recognize the value of a people-focused work environment and employee well-being to an organization's success. Our specialized coaching is designed to transform people and their organizations by creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Coaching with Thriven Partners focuses on behavioral change strategies proven to cultivate impactful, equitable leaders. We work with you to recognize diversity and inclusion as driving forces behind organizational relevance, sustainability, and success. We work with leadership teams across the globe to recognize and challenge their own biases to become better, more equitable leaders in the workplace and beyond. Our coaching is laser focused on enabling you to create inclusive workplaces where people and the organization thrive. Values Statement: Thriven Partners is boldly resolute in our work as partners with leaders for inclusion and equity. We are thoughtful and adaptable in how we work with partners and each other, what learning we engage in and what we share. We strive for growth and synergy in our partnerships and work so that we make a difference in organizations and people's lives.

Location and language :

  • America/Chicago
  • English, Spanish


First free session
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