Zahara Jade, M.A.
Somatic Healing & Awakening Coaching

I help with :
  • Spirit-Mind-Body Integrative Health
  • Somatic healing
  • Finding your purpose
  • Somatic Trauma Healing
  • Wellness and wellbeing

More about me

The Truth Catalyst Method® is founded on psychotherapy, psychoneurobiology, mindfulness, holistic wellness, ancient wisdom, and embodied practices. My work heals deep emotional trauma, chronic physical illnesses/injuries, and spiritual malaise. You will gain clarity from your deepest consciousness about who you are and why you are here. My mission is to provide structured guidance for those seeking healing from a traumatic past, chronic illnesses and injuries, or those wanting to find their way through dark, confusing times.I support my clients in awakening to their soul purpose, healing their minds, bodies, and spirits when more traditional approaches have failed. Areas of Work: 1. Mind/Soul - Heal your deepest wounds & unearth your truth to live with purpose. 2. Body - Gut your subconscious to heal your body and unleash abundant wellness. 3. Higher Self - Awakening Coaching & guidance on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Truth Catalyst Journeys will help you overcome the following: Depression, anxiety, chronic or short-term stress, deep emotional pain, chronic physical illness/injury, autoimmune disease, lack of purpose, seeking spiritual guidance & coaching, wanting to live abundantly, desire to thrive, live with purpose. When you work with me you will awaken: Clarity Higher Self Dharmic Design Embodied Wellness Elevated Vibration Inner Shaman Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Path Collective Consciousness


My work is focused on guiding clients to catalyze emotional and physical trauma so they can fulfill their greatest potential in life and awaken to their soul's purpose. My mission for The Truth Catalyst is to provide a supportive gathering space and structured guidance for those seeking and experiencing a spiritual awakening, dharmic design, abundant wellness, and integrated spirituality. My story: Since early childhood, an extremely rare autoimmune disease, chaotic family dysfunction, and abuse stood as my training grounds. I spent two years working with a somatic healer and became healthy for the first time in my life. This allowed me to redesign my life, transform, awaken, and evolve. This awakening into wellness in my late 20’s brought new life and, along with it, an opportunity to immerse in spiritual practices and shamanic healings in the Far East. Not too long into my journey, a near-death experience sent me into an immersive, year-long kundalini awakening and enlightenment. As a result, I spent years studying with healers and gurus throughout the world, building an eco-spiritual company that resounded with purpose, and living in alignment with my mind and body. Now I have built The Truth Catalyst to help others do the same.

Location and language :

  • America/Denver
  • English


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