Sheer Coach
Professional Growth Coaching, Training, Growth Mindset and More

I help with :
  • Leadership
  • Goal setting
  • Mindset
  • Brand Development
  • Professional Development & Training

We love working with our clientele of professionals, entrepreneurs, students and more. Sheer Coach services are for adults who want to grow, expand their current skill set, build a growth mindset and achieve more targets than what could have been accomplished independently.


Sheer Coach is a division of SEAM Plus LLC that is focused on Educational, Spiritual, Character, Career and Growth Mindset training for adults. Training will focus on the needs of Women, Men, Parents, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Professionals, Administrators, Teachers and more. The mission of SEAM Plus is professional and character driven excellence, driven by quality professional development, training and more. Sheer Coach provides a blue print for empowering growth through interactive presentations, discussions, goal setting, meeting milestones and overall targets.

Location and language :

  • America/Chicago
  • English


  • 21
  • University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana