Seth Davis
Certified Adult Sleep Coach

I help with :
  • Sleep Coach
  • Healthy habits
  • Sleep
  • Insomnia

If you're ready to improve your sleep, I am ready to help. I work with adults to clear the way for better sleep by making smart adjustments to their behaviors, thoughts and environments. My clients typically begin noticing sleep improvements after a few weeks, and I make sure they are on track for longer-term success.


As a former insomniac who struggled for years, I am on a mission to help as many people as possible rediscover refreshing sleep. I use a holistic approach combined with elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia to meet people where they're at with their sleep issues. Together, I work with clients to adopt healthier sleep habits, embrace more positive sleep thoughts, and reduce anxiety surrounding sleep.

Location and language :

  • America/Denver
  • English


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