"Your Next Step" 30-Minute Clarity Session

30 min
Up to 10


The Purpose

Welcome! You are here because you are ready to uncover your next step. "Your Next Step" session is the step you need to clarify your next level of growth and personal success.

Book "Your Next" clarity session to get your life back on track, get crystal clear about the path that resonates with your heart and develop unshakeable confidence to thrive.

During The Session:

During your 30-minute 1:1 session with Pascale, you will be on the right path to aligning your life with your authentic voice. We will explore the gap between where you are and what's next for you.

  • I will ask you about your current goals and challenges.
  • I will tell you about my relevant expertise and vision for our path forward.
  • You will get answers to all your questions.

How To Prepare:

Before our "Your Next Step" clarity session, please take some time to reflect on the following questions. I suggest you follow these five steps as your starting point:

1. What if you could deeply connect to the yearnings of your soul so that you get an inspired vision for your life?

2. What if you were aware of your values or what is most important to you so that you find contentment when you live your life according to your deepest values?

3. What if you ignited your fire, or what are you most passionate about so that you love what you do and do what you love?

4. What if you could identify your gifts and talents to maximise your potential and keep learning and growing confidently? You have so much to give.

5. What if you could impact the world so that you give your life meaning by sharing, contributing and making a difference?


  • Pascale Gibon
    Pascale Gibon
    Personal Growth, Personal Transformation, Life Fulfilment

    I work with women at a crossroads who feel lost and uncertain. Their story is my story. I empower these pathfinders to use the transformative power of love to unlock their potential so that they pursue the path that aligns with them and live their best lives. The clients who most benefit from my expertise are: *Women seeking personal growth on a journey of self-improvement and personal development. *Women facing life transitions such as career shifts, relationship changes or personal milestones. *Professionals in high-stress environments who seek self-care, stress management and achieving balance. *Creatives *Women seeking empowerment who desire to overcome their self-limitations to unlock their full potential and live a meaningful, fulfilling and harmonious life.