individual session

Private Consultation -- Deep dive



This 1.5-hour session is specifically designed for clients who need individualized attention or are short on time. We can do a deep dive on any issue that is pressing for you. Maybe you are preparing for a journey to Peru and need to hone your intentions and learning practices to move stuck energy during the ceremony. Maybe a journey awoke some trauma, and need a trauma-informed professional to support your integration. Or maybe you are just diving into the world of entheogens for the first time, and want to talk to someone that can give you an orientation tailored to your needs. To prepare for your session, I will send you a list of questions in advance so I can prepare properly and make the best of our time together.

Hosted by

Isabel Santis MA

Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness

“My clients have chosen to work with entheogens because they are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. I help them prepare emotionally, physically and mentally, so they can make the best of their experience. After their journeys, I support them in their process of integration, helping them make meaning, glean the pearls of wisdom, and implement sustainable changes based on the insights gained through their experience. If you are committed to the path of sacred medicine, working with me can help you realize the gifts from your experiences.”
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