individual session

Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) & Debrief



Leading inclusively in today's workforce is key to being successful. Dr. Melissa Álvarez Mangual is a certified administrator of the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI). With this service you will take the IBI assessment and invite colleagues to complete the IBI 360 assessment to provide you insight into how others experience working with you, with focused attention on inclusive behaviors. Dr. Álvarez Mangual will review the findings of the assessments with you in a coaching session, work with you to identify what aspects of leading inclusively to focus on strengthening, and how you will do so.

This offering includes:

  1. IBI assessment
  2. Administering of IBI 360 assessment
  3. 1-hour coaching session focused on debriefing the findings of both IBI assessments

Hosted by

Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D., CDE, ACC

Coaching: Executive; Inclusive, BIPOC & Women's Leadership

“I cultivate bravery and strategic action in people to be inclusive and equitable leaders who shift organizational culture and practices. I coach leaders to lead inclusively & equitably, with emotional intelligence, so they achieve or exceed their goals; BIPOC/womxn leaders to navigate the complexity of identity in the workplace and achieve their personal and professional goals; and leaders who are parents working to balance career ambition and passion while being present and engaged with their children.”
Contact Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D., CDE, ACC
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