Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) Research Camp

480 min



The BYOD Research Camp is intended for researchers or students who are actively working on a research project. Attendees join a once-a-week virtual seminar for 4 weeks to receive instruction on qualitative data analysis to progress their research and writing. Topics include:

  • Theoretical foundations of qualitative data analysis
  • Using digital tools for analysis
  • Coding and managing a codebook
  • Data visualization
  • Organizing and presenting findings
  • Bridging the gap between analysis and writing

Session Dates and Structure:

In this research camp, participants will use their own data, work with others in their cohort, and engage in interactive activities to progress their own analysis and research. Weekly sessions are held via Zoom for 2 hours. All participants receive 2 free months of Dedoose to aid in their data analysis.


Week 1: Qualitative Data Analysis Foundations

Week 2: Using Digital Tools for Qualitative Data Analysis (Dedoose)

Week 3: Individual Consultations and Developing Your Own Analysis/Writing

Week 4: Exploring Patterns, Relationships, and Findings

After purchasing a ticket, participants will be added to the Institute for Mixed Methods Research learning management system. Two weeks before the camp begins you will have access to the weekly modules, academic resources, readings, and videos. The weekly modules are listed below in the "Agenda" section.

Testimonials and more information about BYOD can be found here.

Funding a Cohort

If you would like to fund a cohort (up to 20 participants) for your organization, department, or college, please email to discuss. Funded cohorts receive a discounted rate.

Note: If an alternate form of payment is preferred (ACH, wire transfer), please email

Choose host

  • Michelle Salmona
    Michelle Salmona
    Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Design and Analysis

  • Sara Grummert
    Sara Grummert
    Academic Director, PhD