Puneet Nahata
Cognitive Approach

I help with :
  • Self-optimization
  • Purpose
  • Mindset
  • Strategic thinking/planning
  • Existential questions

I have built a whole range of coaching tools that I use depending on your situation, some of the most popular topics I help with: self-development, money flow, investments, marriage issues, mental wellness, campaigning consultancy, crisis management.


After been disappointed with the judgmental and prejudiced consultancy of many astrologers, I have developed my system based on Jyotish. My system is all about self-development, clarity on a strategy and knowing oneself better. I don't believe in the effects of astrology, and I know that it works. Planets work through creating manifestation and through your attraction and with the help of my consultancy you can have a clear idea, What is bringing what in your life and how to bring balance in that inner world by working on yourself as well as using my old, but upgraded method to manipulate planets for desired results. I have extensive experience to work with people from all walks of life from common man, to top management, celebrities, and billionaires. I don't charge without your satisfaction, and I don't work with people with whom I don't feel connected as well. So first 5 mins with me are for free, and then mutually we can decide whether we are a good fit. I am only for people who are open-minded and ready to work on themselves.

Location and language :

  • Asia/Choibalsan
  • English


  • 15