Nov 2023_Integral Systems Coaching (ICP-SYS)

November 13, 2023
4 x 4hr sessions


Course Description: Systems Coaching is a way of coaching that is focused on the system, rather than just the individuals in the system. In this ICP-SYS course you will learn a whole system Integral approach to coaching organizations and ways to apply the method to address your systemic challenges. The course is designed by Michele Madore, a certified professional Integral Coach from Integral Coaching Canada and the co-author of Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to think and lead differently. The Integral Systems Coaching approach directly addresses relationship & culture, mental models and leadership, behaviors and structural disconnects, and offers ways to work with each of these lenses and their inter-relatedness. In this way, we are modeling Systems Thinking as Agile Coaches and Change Leaders. This course is designed to model Systems Coaching in real-time with our “Systems Coaching Course Participants” as the team. We will be the sandbox for you to play in using all of the tools and approaches taught. It will be high in contact and experience and less on lecture and teaching. Who is this Course For? • Agile Team and Enterprise level coaches • Organizational leaders • Change leaders • Newcomers to Integral, Integral Coaching and Systems Coaching • Personal learners seeking to develop themselves both horizontally and vertically • Anyone wanting to develop their Systems Thinking capability What you will Learn: • Key concepts in Systems Coaching and how you can apply them at any level and with any configuration of teams and groups. • Systems Thinking concepts, approaches and tools for working with organizational disconnects that can happen at and between the many systems you are working with. • Professional Systems Coaching tools that work with the human dynamics and the cultural issues present on teams at every level. • How to first work with your system of “self”, your own presence and your way of being. This is where your limitations live and where the leverage is! • Ways to see your patterns (especially the unconscious ones) as a Systems Coach. Approaches to work with those patterns and develop capability to skillfully work with conflict, patterns and dynamics of the teams that you coach. • How to design actions based on the view of the system. You will experiment with some of those designed actions in class. Topics Covered: • Integral & Integral systems coaching • Systems thinking in the context of systems coaching • Difference between facilitation and systems coaching • Inner and outer roles of a system – voices in the system • Systems Coaching Arc • Systemic Models for creating awareness • Using clean language techniques for teams • Working with the emotional field – creating awareness • Ways to create alignment • Ways to get your team to move into action – with an Integral approach • Co-Coaching – what it is and getting into practice • Developing your own self-development plan for your ongoing journey

Testimonials (1/12)

"I value the rigor that has gone into this course. It’s too easy to receive certifications in most courses. The class participation and the exam help ensure we have practical working knowledge of the concepts and materials. Thank you."

Dave H.

Testimonials (2/12)

"It was a lovely experience and I think we had a good group for the course. I would recommend other colleagues to take it!"

Zoey D.

Testimonials (3/12)

"A wonderful learning experience that I can readily apply."

Gagan M.

Testimonials (4/12)

"I really liked the atmosphere in the class, everyone was so kind, curious and motivated. I also enjoyed the mixture of theoretical input and group activities. In particular, I liked learning about clean coaching very much. This is a coaching style that really complements my coaching stance. You are an amazing instructor and coach, Michele. Hopefully, I will find the time to attend one of your cohorts next year."

Sarah P.

Testimonials (5/12)

"I feel very energized by the course. I got a deeper understanding of the Integral Model and how I might use it. I got to understand some practical tools, in particular for developing awareness. And my understanding and ability to use clean questioning improved."

Sean H.

Testimonials (6/12)

"I had a great time in this class while I learned new ways and perspectives. Our container was a perfect place for my growth as a coach. I felt supported as well as appreciated."

Katie R.

Testimonials (7/12)

"I'm glad the entire course featured excellent conversation. Understanding the main distinctions between mentoring, advising, and coaching, for instance. I need to spend more time as a coach being present and developing open-ended questions that I can start incorporating into my coaching toolkit. I would also advise team members I work with to take courses facilitated by Michele. Continue your wonderful work."

Julia W.

Testimonials (8/12)

"The knowledge gained was quite enlightening and particularly very satisfying for me."

Prasad K.

Testimonials (9/12)

"Very intrigued and engaging. And I almost forget to mention that Michele is amazing as always!"

Linda F.

Testimonials (10/12)

"I was very pleased with the course. Your insights into the material I had read in your book were extremely helpful."

Bill T.

Testimonials (11/12)

"Great teacher, great vibe!"

Patrick M.

Testimonials (12/12)

"Thank you Michele for taking me on this journey and sharing your experience with me."

Grzegorz J.

What's included?

You will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Systemic Coaching (ICP-SYS) certification upon successful completion of the course.

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*There are no pre-requisites for this course. Logistics & Price: $795 USD per person. *Includes certification fee (Virtual) 9am-1pm Eastern Time, on the following dates: Tuesday, Nov 14 Wednesday, Nov 15 Thursday, Nov 16 Friday, Nov 17 Cancellation Policy: If for some reason Trans4mation has to cancel a course, participants will receive a full refund. We need a minimum number of participants to make the course feasible. If a participant would like to cancel their seat, they may do so and receive a full refund minus any transaction fees up until 1 calendar month before the course. The participant would receive a 50% refund up until 2 weeks before the course. After this period, Trans4mation is unable to offer a refund as we will have committed to costs for the participant’s seat. However, if a participant finds someone else to take their seat then we would offer a refund, minus any costs incurred with the transaction.

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Reading Assignment - Day 1

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Reading Assignment - Day 2

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Video Assignment - Day 4

Module 5:

Systems Coaching Challenge Assignment

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  • Michele Madore
    • Michele Madore

    • Principal of T4 | Leadership Coach | Enterprise Agility Coach

    I work with leaders, coaches, and consultants across the globe in transformational change. I draw upon nearly 30 years of hands-on experience as an organizational leader, an enterprise level coach, and a change consultant. As a Professional Integral Coach (ICCP), I apply the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to help organizations develop deeper capability in systemic change.