December 2023_Enterprise Coaching Bootcamp

December 04, 2023
8 x 3.5hr sessions


This Course is for Leaders, Managers, Coaches and Consultants working with Agile Transformations and Enterprise Change efforts. Designed by Michele Madore, the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Bootcamp is built on the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™, including Integral approaches to Leadership, and an Integral organizational change model, all of which are whole-system frameworks. The course provides a set of thinking tools and a roadmap for guiding Agile Transformational Leaders and Coaches with a broad and holistic approach in their organizational environments. It is ideal for companies who wish to increase the capabilities of their Agile Leaders, Agile Managers, or Agile Coaches to lead Agile Transformations in order to sustain the change after external coaches leave. The course helps participants look at their work through the four different integral lenses of leading an Agile Transformation: Leadership, Practices, Systems, and Culture in a powerful and impactful experiential style. Participants will gain an understanding of their own leadership effectiveness, the impact they have on those they are leading, and gain insight into their own personal breakthrough goals. Participants will also improve their ability to design and implement a successful organizational transformation that delivers breakthrough business, cultural and human results as a Change Leader. The Bootcamp focuses on expanding and deepening participant’s skill in Agile leadership, conscious organizational change, Integral and professional coaching skills. It qualifies for both of the knowledge-based certifications on ICAgile’s Enterprise Coaching for Agility track. This course is a total of 35 hours (28 hours class time + assignments), taking place over a 1-2 weeks, so that busy Leaders, Managers and Coaches can sign up without having to block off a whole week.

Testimonials (1/34)

The amount of time for peer-to-peer coaching to really solidify the learning outcomes was fantastic. Good blend of theory with practical and hands on application.

Samantha W.

Testimonials (2/34)

In my Agile Leadership / Agile Coaching Journey this was the pinnacle training from an Enterprise Coach Perspective that I needed. As you will find if you take the training this hit on all quadrants, altitude levels and developmental lines (AQAL). Thank You!

Bryan W.

Testimonials (3/34)

In my Agile Leadership / Agile Coaching Journey this was the pinnacle training from an Enterprise Coach Perspective that I needed. As you will find if you take the training this hit on all quadrants, altitude levels and developmental lines (AQAL). Thank You!

Bryan W.

Testimonials (4/34)

Michele and Debbie did an awesome job in leading us through discussions and allowing me to grow and deepen my understanding of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework.

Jana R.

Testimonials (5/34)

Michele and Debbie did an awesome job in leading us through discussions and allowing me to grow and deepen my understanding of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework.

Jana R.

Testimonials (6/34)

Mind-blowing. You think you signed up for another class about Agile, but it is so much more than that. This is about everything, and Michelle and Debbie walk through many different change models, leadership models, development models, coaching strategies, and a meta framework that will enable organizations to reach the true pinnacle of performance, aligned with the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. I am very excited to start implementing some of these new tools into my organization and truly drive the transformation that I didn’t even know was possible before this class. Amazing and inspiring stuff!

Joseph M.

Testimonials (7/34)

Thanks Michele and Debbie for this course. It was an interesting journey full of new experiences and interaction with great colleagues. I would highly recommend this course for people who really would like to understand what does it mean to be a coach and how to conduct transformational changes beyond common formats of single teams or professional silos. It was a fun, yeah, not a piece of cake, but 110% worth of efforts and time.

Myroslav B.

Testimonials (8/34)

This workshop provides a comprehensive framework for transformational change that ensures all the essential perspectives are consciously addressed. Michele and Debbie make a great team bringing plenty of academic and industrial wisdom in every session.

Melvin P.

Testimonials (9/34)

This class has opened my eyes to better areas of focus and approaches to creating change in my organization. This will boost the impact my team can have on our organization and the impact our organization can have on the world! Why are you still reading this…go sign up!!!

Steve M.

Testimonials (10/34)

Michele created an awesome workshop and learning environment for the group. I was able to understand better what Agility means at the Enterprise level. This course touched on all the key aspects of Enterprise Agile Transformation like conscious awareness, leadership, structure, culture, and mindset and give you models/frameworks to make sure how to move this forward. If you think about making an impact on a wider level in your organization and have no idea where to start or how to approach it, then this training is what you should be looking for! It was a great learning experience!

Jyoti G.

Testimonials (11/34)

The interaction I had with fellow students in the training will be an asset for a lifetime, I have made some great connections and it was a huge feeling of relief to know I am not the only one who feel a certain way or to know I am not the only one in a particular situation. Michele and Debbie had made the entire session so interactive that I can say, this has been by far most interesting training I attended.

Vipasha V.

Testimonials (12/34)

The Enterprise Agile Bootcamp expanded my view of issues that organizations face to look beyond the systems and structures but also to the human element, which can so easily make or break a transformation. In addition, I learned more about myself in regards to my own personal biases and reactive tendencies which can color my assessments and hamper my ability as a change agent. It’s a great class for those that don’t want to just embrace change, but to foster it.

Ed R.

Testimonials (13/34)

I’m both humbled and grateful to have experienced this course. I feel so much more prepared now to be a positive influence in Transformational Change.

Josh C.

Testimonials (14/34)

Have you wanted a map of where to go on transformational journeys? Take this course to have an Integral approach to change, based on case-studies and science. Highly recommended for leaders of all levels!

Bianca S.

Testimonials (15/34)

If you find yourself a victim of organizational change, you need to consider this bootcamp. You’ll learn the tools of transformation, how to develop and apply them in the context of your org, and skill up your coaching at all levels of the business.

Brian M.

Testimonials (16/34)

After taking this course with a diverse group of individuals across countries from different continents, I am energized to approach transformational change in a creative way using the Integral Approach. It was amazing to hear the numerous real life scenarios that Michele masterfully weaved into the model to show the practicality of the theory. Take this course and you will never think of approaching change the way you always have!

Shaila R.

Testimonials (17/34)

This course was a jam packed session full of a treasure trove of information to consider for a successful Agile transformation! A key learning was that mindsets and culture are critical factors in transformational change. Thank you to my instructors Michele Madore at and to Debbie Butler for your expert guidance on this journey! One of the unexpected benefits of this bootcamp are the connections formed with my classmates and the learnings from their experiences. Thank you to all my classmates! Thank you also to Brittany Tew for fielding questions and providing support.

Anaya M.

Testimonials (18/34)

The impact of this workshop was immediate. I would describe it as becoming present and an awakening. The information, activities, and interaction in this workshop, allowed me to be more mindful and self-aware of what and how I am executing in an Agile transformation in my role as a coach.

Ken M.

Testimonials (19/34)

This course challenged me to think deeper about transformational change. It has given me new tools and insights on how to coach through change that can be applied to any organization. Also, Michelle did an amazing job facilitating this course and making the material meaningful and relevant. I would recommend this course to leaders at all levels!

Kelly F.

Testimonials (20/34)

Participating in this training created a giant shift in the way I see transformation in the enterprise. The holistic view of organizations combined with the comprehensive approaches to change left me and my whole cohort ready to jump in and start applying this stuff. I would highly recommend this course for any team or organization looking to evolve to the next level.

Nevada W.

Testimonials (21/34)

The Trans4mation Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp was full of continuous relevant learning enabled by the use of the magnificent Integral Agile Transformation Framework and by Michele’s huge knowledge and real life experience. She created an intimate and supportive experience, well beyond just learning – I am much more conscious and my batteries are now full with renewed energy to be a resilient change agent in my organization.

Maria F.

Testimonials (22/34)

I truly appreciate Michele’s workshops and her style. She is knowledgeable, genuine and truly able to connect with people in an amazing way. I just love being in groups she has led.

Catherine M.

Testimonials (23/34)

Even after being an Agile professional for more than 15 years, this course has given me new insights and vocabulary on dealing with Agile transformation. The breadth and depth of the subjects addressed will make me chew on this content for the next couple of years being an Agile coach.

Anko T.

Testimonials (24/34)

This course was very refreshing and inspiring in dealing with the complexity of Agile Enterprise Transformation. Michele Madore went the extra mile in developing a program that goes beyond a typical agile certification training. She offers years of research and integration of agile transformation, integral theory and conscious change leadership to provide a new perspective on achieving a solid agile transformation breakthrough and a way for organizations to grow their agile maturity, culture and mindset.

Sandrine P.

Testimonials (25/34)

Excellent training. Both the instructors and the motivated students have given me excellent insights into how to effect organizational change, and well as how to change internally to be a better coach and change agent.

Delane R.

Testimonials (26/34)

This course has crystalized an effective approach to organizational change. I will be utilizing the IATF framework for my own endeavor going forward. Thank you Michele for the brilliant body of work!

Ninam B.

Testimonials (27/34)

I think the workshop allowed me to acquire a deeper understanding of me, change, and the importance of agility being anchored on organisation knowledge & understanding. It has been very empowering to believe that I am an instrument of change. It has been liberating to identify that I can meet people where they are and still make a change. It was incredible all the new tools and insights for transformational change. Finally, having an assessment method and approach has been extremely powerful. I am ready and hopeful!

Nastasha V.

Testimonials (28/34)

For those looking for an advanced course that will expand your thinking in the way you show-up and engage the whole system (Leadership, Practices and Behaviors, Organizational Architecture, Culture and Relationships), this course will give you some pragmatic tools that you can begin using on day #1.

Steve C.

Testimonials (29/34)

Just completed the Enterprise Agile Transformation course and it's been a game-changer for me as an Enterprise Agile Coach! This course has truly transformed my approach to driving organizational change. I've gained invaluable insights and practical strategies to navigate complex transformations with confidence and agility. Michele & Debbie guided us through the IATF framework, and we explored powerful change model. This course provided a comprehensive toolkit for a successful organizational transformation. If you're ready to level up your Agile coaching skills and make a lasting impact on your organization, don't miss out on this transformative course. Highly recommended!

Alex G.

Testimonials (30/34)

This workshop is interactive and the conversations, tools, techniques and models covered are extremely helpful! Michele and Debbie did a great job facilitating this certification course.

Dani T.

Testimonials (31/34)

I loved this course! I learned just as much about myself as a person and a leader as I learned about helping others in their transformation journey. I leave this track with a heightened sense of self and self-awareness and an invaluable set of tools I can use in my personal and professional life. Michele and Debbie facilitated splendidly in making this a memorable experience! Last but not least: I got to learn to know some fabulous people :)

Willem V.

Testimonials (32/34)

The course provided a comprehensive and well-structured overview of Enterprise Agile Coaching, covering essential topics such as systems thinking, organizational culture, change management, and the application of the Integral Change Model. The depth of the content and the expertise shared by both Michele and Debbie were truly remarkable.

Maroua C.

Testimonials (33/34)

It’s about the development of self as a leader before leading an organization through a change.

Okey O.

Testimonials (34/34)

It’s an excellent Course to understand what is Enterprise Coaching and what we need to show up as Enterprise coaches.

Hetal P.

What's included?

ICAgile ICP-ENT Certified Professional (after passing a short essay exam)
ICAgile ICP-CAT Certified Professional (after passing a short essay exam)
Certificate of Training – Integral Agile Transformation Framework™
21 Scrum Alliance SEUs toward the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) level (students may apply for Category C SEUs directly with the Scrum Alliance).
Lots of practical exercises, tools and techniques to use and apply to your client.
LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PROFILE™ self-assessment and interpretation coaching

Program helps with

Change management
Integral Approach
Growth Mindset
Conscious leadership

Additional details

BOOTCAMP LEADERS: Instructor: Michele Madore (CEO & Co-Founder T4 | Enterprise/Leadership Coach | Author) Co-Lead: Debbie Butler (Trans4mation ICE-EC Grad | Butler Coaching, LLC | Enterprise Coach, Organizational Influencer, Journey Lead) SCHEDULE: Virtual sessions (8 x 3.5 hr sessions): December 4-8, 11-13 10am - 1:30pm Eastern Time PREREQUISITES: • Participants should have some grounded Agile knowledge and experience working in an Agile environment, in either business or technical areas of the organization. Prior readings: • Highly Suggested: “Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results”, by Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams. • Required: IATF (Integral Agile Transformation Framework) Summary Overview (document will be sent via email). • Highly Suggested: “Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to Think and Lead Differently”, by Michele Madore and Michael Spayd. • Participants will need to take the FREE Leadership Circle Self-Assessment prior to the class. You will need to have access to your self-assessment on the first day of class. • Attendance for all the days is required to receive the certifications. LEARNING OUTCOMES: A shift from managing Agile implementations to deliberately leading Agile transformations or transitions: • Gain an understanding of Organizational Change, the types of change, and how to apply Conscious Change practices to successfully coach through the transformation or transition. • Have a solid understanding of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ and how to use this as a compass for coaching Agile transformations or transitions in your organization. • Learn about the Structure of Practices and how to apply them to Product Development Practices and Team Health Practices. A better understanding of people and organizations: • Understand organizational structures and the impact they have on organizational performance and agility. • Learn and apply Systems Thinking tools and concepts (e.g., Value Stream Mapping) as a key competency needed for an Agile Transformation Leader operating at an enterprise level. Knowledge of how to develop yourself and others: • Understand Adult Stages of Development and its application to leadership and business results. • Understand your role as an Agile Change Leader, or Enterprise Agility Coach in consciously designing your transformation approach, including starting with your own personal breakthrough. Skills and tools that help you apply insights and learnings in your own work environment: • Practice professional coaching techniques and approaches for helping others develop their effectiveness in leading change. • Learn and practice Boundary Spanning Practices that enable Transformational breakthroughs. • Learn a research-based model of organizational culture complexity that can be used by leaders to design a culture that empowers breakthrough transformation business results. Through the lens of the IATF, with you as leader/coach in the center, and within the context of an organizational scenario, we will then explore: • Human and Organizational Change – with models & approaches for development. • Assessing your Organization – a holistic approach to assessments, using the IATF Assessment model – looking at the levels and lines of development needed to reach their desired goal. • Organizational Change Strategies – elements to include, inputs to use. • Assessing and addressing your barriers to change – fun and energizing techniques with psychological safety and objectivity as guiding principles. • Change Communications – communicating change from an organizational design perspective – rather than formal corporate communication. • Engagement Strategies – how to engage people wherever they are in their current mindset about the change. • Facilitating and Educating – techniques for educating and facilitating large groups and at all levels within the organization. • Professional Coaching – elements from Integral Coaching and other professional methods, to more effectively work with coaching and helping people develop the capabilities needed to lead and navigate change. • Self As Instrument – building upon the Leadership Circle Profile and your self-assessment, we explore more deeply the path for self-development and your own impact as a leader of change, and the most important tool you have to work with.

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  • Michele Madore
    • Michele Madore

    • Principal of T4 | Leadership Coach | Enterprise Agility Coach

    I work with leaders, coaches, and consultants across the globe in transformational change. I draw upon nearly 30 years of hands-on experience as an organizational leader, an enterprise level coach, and a change consultant. As a Professional Integral Coach (ICCP), I apply the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to help organizations develop deeper capability in systemic change.