Taopatch Academy: MS and Other Neurological Disorders

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Welcome to Taopatch! Over the last 8 years we've helped countless patients with MS, Parkinson's, Ataxia, Fibromialgia and other neurological disorders. Taopatch combines the ancient knowledge of acupuncture with modern developments in nanotechnology and light therapy. The light that the patches send into your body helps your Central Nervous System communicate more effectively with the rest of the body. This leads to better balance and mobility, reduced spasticity, pain, dropfoot and other symptoms. We worked with thousands of people and conducted numerous studies to fine-tune our directions and protocols. We've seen how customers who follow these directions see drastically better results than those who don't. Over the next 3 months we'll help you integrate Taopatch into your life and get the results you're looking for. If you have any questions, email us any time (hello@taopatch.co) or call us at +1-323-693-9635.

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Module 1:

How To Use Your Taopatch

Module 2:

Your Video Diary

Module 3:

Day 1: Rebalance Protocol

Module 4:

Day 2: Pyramid Protocol

Module 5:

Week 2: Increasing to 8 hours/day

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