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Are you interested in exploring the benefits of psychedelics in a safe, supportive, and responsible way? 4 preparation and integration sessions provide a comprehensive coaching framework to help you build a strong foundation for your psychedelic journey and integrate the insights and experiences you gain from it. My preparation sessions are designed to help you establish a strong coaching relationship with me, clarify your goals and expectations, cover important safety considerations, and discuss self-regulation and set and setting. I believe that preparing for a psychedelic journey is crucial to ensuring a positive and transformative experience. My integration sessions are focused on processing your experiences, constructing meaning from them, and creating a maintenance plan that helps you incorporate your insights into your daily life. Integration is an essential part of the psychedelic journey, and I will help you make the most of your experiences. I incorporate harm reduction, transpersonal, humanistic, and relational aspects into my coaching framework to ensure that you receive maximum benefits from your psychedelic journey. My approach is based on my doctoral research in online delivered psychedelic assisted therapy, and I believe that my coaching framework provides a safe, supportive, and responsible way to explore the benefits of psychedelics. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey and explore the benefits of psychedelics in a safe and responsible way, the Shift Program is here to support you. Book today! Please note that my Shift Program is not psychedelic assisted therapy, and I do not diagnose or treat any mental or physical health condition. My goal is to provide you with a safe and supportive coaching framework to help you explore the transformative potential of psychedelics. This program does not contain trip sitting.

What's included?

Preparation & Medicine Session Resources:
App recommendations
Safety considerations
Integration Resources:
Maintenance plan
Yoga sequences

Program helps with

Emotional wellbeing
Trauma-informed care
Healthy habits
Stress Management
Mental health & wellness
Stress, Anxiety, & Performance
Holistic Health & Wellness
Wellness and wellbeing
Finding your purpose

Approaches included

Transformational Coaching
psychedelic integration
psychedelic preparation

Modules included

Module 1:

Welcome to Shift Program for new psychedelic clients! Let's start preparing!

Module 2:Psychedelic Integration Coaching
Module 3:Psychedelic Integration Coaching
Module 4:Psychedelic Integration Coaching
Module 5:Psychedelic Integration Coaching
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