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6 Months - Cohort Starts Feb 2023


Welcome to the informational/application enrollment for the ECMP - Feb 2023. Please review and enroll using the button above to apply for the cohort. Upon reviewal of your application, we will send you the private link for registration and payment. We are excited to launch our ninth Enterprise Coaching Master Cohort Program in February! Trans4mation is laser-focused on deepening the development of Enterprise Coaches and Leaders to radically change the results of Agile Transformations. Organizations are looking to evolve their level of maturity from team to enterprise level agility. Developing the capacity to work at the enterprise level of an organization requires more than understanding how to scale Agile. It requires the ability to work effectively with complex adaptive systems, addressing both the human and organizational aspects of transformational type change. Our “Enterprise Coaching for Agility – Master Cohort Program” (ECMP) will take your Agile Coaching skills to the next level, helping you to develop a rich understanding of the complexity and scope of Enterprise Agility. There’s no other program in the world like it. It is the first Enterprise Coaching program to be accredited by ICAgile for the expert level certification in Enterprise Coaching with graduates from across the globe. In this Cohort, you will stand in your own storm of transformation, unravel and navigate your own complexity, and practice building the new capabilities you need to become a powerful instrument of transformation. Building the new capabilities will take you into a deep dive of the Integral Agile Transformation Framework, and a 4-quadrant pragmatic exploration of each of the Integral Disciplines needed to realize the desired change. Through the use of pragmatic tools, application and practice you will become an authentic force for transformation.

Testimonials (1/12)

"The cohort for me has really made me aware of my state of being and more importantly how I want to show up and how I'm seen by others. That really can be anywhere from corporate, to a client, to my personal life. The work in self as instrument is really allowing me to understand how I can become a catalyst and impact those around me. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity, and more importantly the passion, of digging really deep into the important work we do as enterprise coaches, to attend. The breadth of wisdom, the depth of connection and the support that we give each other in our ongoing journeys, whether it be personal, or transformational work in our organizations, has undeniably been the most impactful experience I have ever had in my entire life."

Diana W., Enterprise Transformation Coach

Testimonials (2/12)

"Wherever you are, be the soul of that place Being part of the pioneer cohort is an amazing high impact journey, for myself, the people whom I work with, my friends and family and my heart. The integral framework is a wonderful new lens on agile enterprise transformation, beyond practices, beyond structure..its about ourselves as leaders, about our ability to open up for the challenges of the vuca world by not being constrained with our own current habit, thoughts, believes. Its about sensing without judgement, about a full commitment to issues that occur. And its about constantly being aware of how your lens even determines how you look at people, organizations, world etc. A humbling journey for growth - everywhere."

Sabina R., Enterprise Transformation Coach

Testimonials (3/12)

"The ICAgile Enterprise Leadership Cohort has been a phenomenal life changing experience. I am possessing deeper levels of consciousness in my behaviours and in bringing my whole self into professional relationships, I see old ways of being dissolving before my eyes. In this deeper experience, I'm a more effective change agent within my organization through listening and having a genuine curiosity about my clients. One of the greatest gifts this year is allowing the space for my clients "to be" and to meet them where they're at. It has been an absolute honour to learn alongside Agile Coaches from all over the world under the phenomenal leadership. I highly recommend this life changing experience to anyone who wishes to transform themselves and their Enterprise."

Lisa B., Agile Coach & Psychotherapist

Testimonials (4/12)

“Excellent and insightful course. Both Michele & Phillip as trainer, mentor brought in their experience and shared their insights. They along with the interactive and engaging cohort members helped me gain new perspectives on how to effect organizational change as well as self to become a better coach, change agent and most importantly a better person.”

Lopa M., Agile Coach

Testimonials (5/12)

“The coolest thing about this course is that through another model (Integral Agile Transformation Model) you really take it to you are the change you bring. And with the sessions and triad I know I am on a path that will take the rest of my lifetime but will be rewarding.”

Florian F., Enterprise Complexity Guide

Testimonials (6/12)

"The cohort is first of all something that has changed my life completely already. It really zooms into my own transformation first, because I can't help anyone in a company if I don't know how to transform myself. It really goes inside and looks at what my reactive tendencies are and how to turn that into something creative. And I am actually already practicing that. It's really changing my life and I have just started."

Tamara W., Agile Transformation Coach

Testimonials (7/12)

“This course has expanded and validated my understanding and thought process about enterprise transformation and change strategy for large, matrix organisations. The Integral Agile Change Model really works and highly recommend other organizations consider it for their enterprise approach for change and transformations.”

Jules S., Change Agent/Transformation Leader

Testimonials (8/12)

"The last 9 months have been a period of tremendous growth and learning for me. The version of me who started this journey in May of last year is not the same Barby who emerged out of this training. I have completely transformed my way of being and thinking, and I couldn’t have gone on this journey of self-exploration without your skillful guidance and support."

Barby Z.

Testimonials (9/12)

"The last 9 months have been a period of tremendous growth and learning for me. The version of me who started this journey in May of last year is not the same Barby who emerged out of this training. I have completely transformed my way of being and thinking, and I couldn’t have gone on this journey of self-exploration without your skillful guidance and support."

Barby Z.

Testimonials (10/12)

“This program is very intuitive and helped me navigate myself within, enabling enhancement of my awareness, capabilities and competencies. It helped me gauge my leadership skills, transform and find my path from “What I am” and what I want to be.”

Manmeet K., Agile Coach

Testimonials (11/12)

"What helped me decide on this program was the focus on how I could scale my coaching across the enterprise, how I could work with leaders, teams and individuals in coaching. This program is more holistic, and for me, one of the biggest takeaways that I didn't anticipate when I joined the program was the big focus on developing self as leader, and the focus on how you show up as a coach and how that can impact the effectiveness of your coaching. I have 3 coaches that I admire and respect that are going through this program now, so if you're still on the fence or thinking about it, I would say not to hesitate and really embrace this learning opportunity. Michele is an awesome guide on the journey and definitely highly recommend it."

Tammy L., Product Leader & Coach

Testimonials (12/12)

“Too much self-analysis around who you are as a leader, how you show up each day, and how you interact with others as part of a system can be exhausting and many times unfruitful. For the past several years, I have felt stuck in my career; not moving forward as if I had reached an invisible wall. Through coaching, Michele helped me to identify personas to represent who I am today and who I wanted to become as a leader. Her approach and effective use of tools such as the leadership 360 profile and Integral Agile made self-awareness fun and achievable. Michele helped me to recognize traits in myself that were blocking me from moving forward to shape new and deeper partnerships in my career. While the work to transform is still up to me, I am grateful to Michele for helping me find the courage to see greater potential in myself and new ways of “being”. Thank you Michele!!!”

Debbie B., Enterprise Coach

What's included?

5-Day Cohort Basecamp (virtual)
12 Virtual Video Sessions
2 Private Coaching Sessions
The Leadership Circle Profile – To be completed by you and your evaluators prior to the Cohort Basecamp. This includes a private coaching debrief session.
ICAgile ICE-EC (Expert in Enterprise Coaching) Certification, upon successful completion of requirements
Profi all-in-one learning platform

Program helps with

Change management
Integral Approach
Consulting & Facilitating
Professional Development & Training
Personal Growth
Transformation Coaching
Coaching tips
Growth Mindset
Conscious leadership
Leadership Development
Mindful Leadership
Agile Coaching

Approaches included

Integral Approach

Additional details

The program is deeply rooted in methods and schools of thought from professional coaching certification programs, Integral theory (Integral Agile Transformation Framework), Organizational Development (OD), Leadership Development and Enterprise Agile Coaching. It is led by Michele Madore and Trans4mation's Partner Facilitators, who bring many years of experience leading organizations, Agile Transformations, and coaching & mentoring leaders and coaches around the world. Learning Outcomes: • Developing Self as Leader – You are the most important instrument of change. Increase self-awareness of patterns in thought and action, and build capability in desired areas for greater effectiveness and impact. • Coaching Range – Expand your coaching range. Coach individuals and systems using professional coaching and facilitation techniques working across organizational boundaries. • Developing Leadership in Organizations – Invite, influence and initiate vertical leadership development at all levels. • Guiding Organizational Agility – Work with complex adaptive systems using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to address culture, mindset, behaviors and systems barriers to change. • Guiding the Change Process – Co-create the change using a holistic approach for entering client systems working with both the human and business aspects of change. Cohort Audience: Agile Coaches looking to expand Enterprise Coaching for Agility competencies, Agile Transformation Leaders, and Change Management Leadership working with Agile Transformation. Cohort Logistics: • Location: Virtual • Program Timeline: Feb 2023 - Aug 2023 • Introduction Call: Feb 13th, 2023 (10am-11:30am Eastern Time) • Cohort Basecamp: 5 days (virtual, 5-hour sessions): Feb 20-24, 2023 (9am-2pm Eastern Time) • Following the Basecamp, we will meet approximately every 2 weeks, for 2-hour Virtual Zoom Video Sessions for a total of 12 Sessions (Tuesdays from 11am-1pm Eastern Time) • Peer Triad calls in between Cohort Sessions, for a minimum of 12 Triad calls • 2 Private Coaching Sessions *All Cohort Members must be in attendance for the introduction call and the full 5-day basecamp. Due to the ICAgile hour requirements, you cannot miss more than 3 sessions for the entirety of the program. If you have to miss a session, you will need to read through the content, provide a summary on the session, as well as meet with your triad. Since this is a competency-based Cohort Program, you are required to have an Organizational client to apply learnings and use for your Case Study and Application. *Note: you do not have to be coaching at the C-level of the organization, but you do have to have the ability to work beyond just a team level coaching engagement. For example, working with HR, Portfolio/Program, Leadership Coaching etc. is acceptable. Payment Options: 1. The regular tuition fee is $5,900 USD if you decide to pay in monthly installments (8 monthly payments of $737.50, for a total of $5,900). 2. If you pay in full up front, the tuition fee is discounted to $5,650 USD. *Pricing also includes certification. Click "ENROLL" to learn more, setup a 30-minute call with Michele, and to complete your application. Upon reviewing your application, we will send you the private link to registration and payment, and get you started on your prerequisites. Cancellation Policy: If for some reason Trans4mation has to cancel a course, participants will receive a full refund. We need a minimum number of participants to make the course feasible. If a participant would like to cancel their seat, they may do so and receive a full refund minus any transaction fees up until 1 calendar month before the course. The participant would receive a 50% refund up until 2 weeks before the course. After this period, Trans4mation is unable to offer a refund as we will have committed to costs for the participant’s seat. However, if a participant finds someone else to take their seat then we would offer a refund, minus any costs incurred with the transaction. *Please note, cohort participants must be present from day 1 and cannot join in after the basecamp week.

Modules included

Module 1:

Welcome to ECMP (Feb 2023)

Module 2:


Module 3:

Individual 30-min session

Frequently asked questions


  • Michele Madore
    Michele Madore
    Principal of T4 | Leadership Coach | Enterprise Agility Coach

    I work with leaders, coaches, and consultants across the globe in transformational change. I draw upon nearly 30 years of hands-on experience as an organizational leader, an enterprise level coach, and a change consultant. As a Professional Integral Coach (ICCP), I apply the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to help organizations develop deeper capability in systemic change.