Program by Isabel Santis MA

Psychedelics for Beginners: 4-Week Course

About this program

A 4-Week Preparation Course for Consciousness Explorers ***YOU MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM*** Submit your application here: With renewed interest and promising results from clinical trials, psychedelics are again making news around the world. More people than ever are experimenting with these powerful substances for personal growth, healing, and transformation. Still, reliable information is hard to come by, and people seeking solutions are often left to their own devices, making potentially risky decisions that could cause them harm. This 4-week course is specifically designed for new psychedelic explorers who would like to learn how to work with these powerful medicines safely, ethically, and intentionally. The information provided in this course is intended for education and harm reduction purposes only. We do not support or encourage the use of illicit substances. By application only: $900 for 4-sessions series or $675 before August 30. YOU MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM Submit your application here:

What's included?

  • Learn about different types of psychedelics and their effects
  • Understand potential contraindications, and how to minimize your risk
  • What questions to ask to choose the right facilitator or retreat center
  • How to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for expanded states
  • How to develop supportive intentions for your journey
  • How to create a re-entry plan that helps you integrate gently into default reality
  • Learn new practices you can use to work with difficult experiences during your journey
  • Learn from special guests on topics like pharmacology and harm reduction
  • Discuss the ethical considerations and economic impact of cultural appropriation
  • Access checklists, tools, and resources for preparation and integration
  • Build a community of peers that can support your integration

Additional details

The course includes: - 4 weeks of self-guided content, plus additional worksheets, checklists, and other resources - 4 weekly group coaching calls on Wednesday from 6:30-8, enough time for experiential practices, group and partner discussion, and special guests. - 1 private 50-minute coaching call with Isabel - Resources and referrals tailored to your needs - A private online community to deepen friendships, share resources, and learn from your peers Dates: September 20 to October 17 Group coaching calls: Wednesdays at 6:30 during the course period YOU MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM Submit your application here:

4 weeks
October 03, 2021


  • Welcome and Orientation

  • Psychedelics -- what are they, what do they do, and how do they work

  • Safe and Intentional Use of Psychedelics

  • Preparing Yourself Mentally and Spiritually for Expanded States of Consciousness

  • Physical Preparation and Practical Considerations

  • Why is Integration so Important?

  • Skills for journeying

About the coach

Isabel Santis MA
Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness
My clients have chosen to work with entheogens because they are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. I help them prepare emotionally, physically and mentally, so they can make the best of their experience. After their journeys, I support them in their process of integration, helping them make meaning, glean the pearls of wisdom, and implement sustainable changes based on the insights gained through their experience. If you are committed to the path of sacred medicine, working with me can help you realize the gifts from your experiences.
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Program by Isabel Santis MA
Psychedelics for Beginners: 4-Week Course
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