A Personal Marketing, Branding, & Sales System for Freelancers & Solopreneurs.

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A Personal Marketing Branding and Sales System for Freelancers and Solopreneurs. A complete, step-by-step, system (12+ Weeks of Live, Group Q&A) for digital freelancers and entrepreneurs. There is a better alternative to building an impersonal, detached, business brand... In this course you learn my integrated branding, marketing and sales method. It's less stressful and more sustainable over the long term than traditional methods. After 20+ years, it's the only approach I've found that's stood the test of time.

Testimonials (1/5)

Jim Galiano helped me launch an effective website presence in a very short period of time. Having been in business for many years, I can tell you – there are very few people like him who are fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Lori Frary, People Magazine Award-Winner

Testimonials (2/5)

After talking to Jim on a call, I had this amazing feeling of relief. Jim came back with a very comprehensive plan. He told me what I was doing wrong, which I needed to hear, he gave me some processes on what to start doing better. He mapped out who my ideal client base is and where I should direct my focus to get the best results. I know now, the path I have to go to get to the next level with my business!

Mike Oliver, Brand Designer & WP Developer

Testimonials (3/5)

Since working with Jim, I have received numerous calls from national media, advertisers and other businesses... I have worked with Jim for at least 16 or 17 years now, and he has been the balance of building my business. His knowledge of the internet and contact lists (thousands) have led my newsletters and online magazines to top of mind awareness.

Judi Gallagher, Hospitality Industry Consultant

Testimonials (4/5)

I feel lucky to have met Jim. He has the right knowledge to propel his clients to the next business level. Jim is amazing to work with - he is knowledgeable, energetic, professional, motivating and honest. He explains everything about your project in detail, and he makes the process (from beginning to completion) easy to understand. Jim is always available with guidance and reassurance. His company's customer service is unmatched.

Gina Babcock, Entrepreneur

Testimonials (5/5)

We realized our creative potential through Jim Galiano. Jim's award-winning expertise, his guidance, and long experience in the industry are well known to professionals...

Marsha Fottler, Publisher, Editor, Columnist

What's included?

How to build a system that will stand the test of time. You need a system that is fluid. One that's adaptive and can easily change and adjust to the times.
Learn how to position your product and service for all 3 buyer-types. Eliminate the need to get your pricing "just right" and stop worrying about pricing yourself out of a job.
How to Sell without "Hype" or High-Pressure. Selling doesn't have to be forced. In this course you'll learn how to use "relationship marketing" to help you match up the right clients with the right solutions.
Learn my integrated branding, marketing and sales method. It's less stressful and more sustainable over the long term than traditional methods. After 20+ years, it's the only approach I've found that's stood the test of time.
With this program, I'll work with you to find specific solutions for each of the challenges or roadblocks you face along the way. You'll learn my high-level strategies and I'll work with you to plug them into your specific business type.
12+ Weeks of Live, Group Questions and Answers
Lifetime Access to Private Forum (coming soon)

Modules included

Module 1:

Repairing Your Foundation: Introduction

Module 2:

Q & A: What Does Your Big Picture Look Like?

Module 3:

Repairing Your Foundation: Is Your Heart Still In it?

Module 4:

Repairing Your Foundation: Getting Past the Pricing Hurdle

Module 5:

Repairing Your Foundation: Adding to Your Skillset

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Jim Galiano
Jim Galiano

Marketing & Platform Building for Solopreneurs & Personal Brands

“I teach Solopreneurs how to create a - One-to-Many, personal-brand marketing strategy and platform. In today's online world, you're not just selling a product, you are the product. Growth comes slowly when your business looks and sounds like everyone else’s. I will help you change that. You can also listen to my weekly podcast, "The Jim Galiano Show" for additional guidance. ”
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