Unleash Your Confidence: An 8-Week Mental Fitness Program With Private Coaching

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8 Weeks


Mastering Mental Fitness is the most effective way to overcome self-sabotage (like Impostor Syndrome). This is a powerful coaching program designed to get to the root cause of self-sabotage and shift your mindset in only 8 weeks! This program is designed to help you build a foundation in Mental Fitness. Mental Fitness is an essential practice for anyone who is feeling stuck. Learn to identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Develop a positive mindset, increase your confidence, and improve your overall well-being. With only 30 minutes a day of mindset practices and lessons, over 8 weeks, you will reprogram your neural pathways towards more positive thinking and overcome fears and doubts that have kept you stuck for years. * 1-hour live coaching call each week (to be arranged) * Seven video modules * Eight audiobook chapters * Daily practices delivered via a personalized app * Accountability partner matchups * Unlimited communications inside the Pod community  * Free PQ App ($1k value)

Testimonials (1/3)

I improved my health, mood, sleep, relationships and to let go of what doesn’t serve me anymore. I also learned to create a protective bubble and no longer give when I have nothing to give in the first place. I couldn’t even begin to explain how much gratitude I have for you, for this program, and for how much you will forever mean to me. Thank you for helping me... "Be Myself Again!"

Nadine, K Canada

Testimonials (2/3)

"Elissa is very caring, honest, and nurturing. I appreciate her taking the time to listen and understand what I want to get out of coaching - I also appreciate her being honest and calling me out if I say or do something that isn't helping my mindset or when it isn't aligned with my said goals. She is amazing and gives you tools that actually work!"

Mike G., California

Testimonials (3/3)

I am able to stay calm and focused, I can make better decisions and move through problems much easier. I wish I had learned these tools 30 years ago. I can't imagine there is anyone that wouldn't benefit from this program. You have an exceptional ability to make someone feel that you are on their team without judgment. I no longer wake up angry or full of grief. Even when I think of my loss, I feel more love than sadness.

Annie M., California

What's included?

Access to a research-based program called Positive Intelligence (PQ) through the PQ app
The Positive Intelligence audiobook
Weekly video lessons released on Saturday for step-by-step results
Tuesday-Friday you will practice mini mindset breaks as guided by the app.
Bonus 1: Bonus #1 PQ Training App Daily Mindset Practices Weekly Modules Video Lessons Audio Book. A $1,000 Value
Bonus #2 PQ Maintenance Program for a full year! Keep the PQ App for a full year to maintain your daily practices. A $250 Value Option to upgrade to the Thrive Community for Incredible Benefits. For only $125/month
Bonus #3 A 90-minute Private Breakthrough Coaching Session to use during the program. A $350 Value

Program helps with

Mental Fitness
Emotional wellbeing
Emotional intelligence
Negative self-talk
Family Dynamics
Work-life balance
Strategic thinking/planning
Healthy habits
Male empowerment
Female empowerment
Stress Management
Peace of mind
Mental health & wellness
Self Awareness
Habit changes
Transformational Coaching
mindset coaching
Life fulfillment
Focus and concentration
Finding your purpose
Wellness and wellbeing

Approaches included

Mental Fitness
Somatic Coaching

Additional details

You'll be supported by an expert in the industry, who uses a proven framework and is customized for your unique needs. For the past 3 years, I've immersed myself in learning and teaching these techniques to enhance my client's personal and professional development journey. Every person has experienced the positive shifts this program offers! As a Certified Holistic Mental Fitness Coach, I'll be your guide through this transformational program! This course is life-changing with clients reporting positive changes in all areas of their lives - business, personal, and professional. A NEW LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE WILL BE YOURS! Self-sabotage can be a formidable barrier to personal and professional fulfillment. The empowering strategies you will learn in Unleash Your Confidence will help you overcome self-doubt and develop a new level of confidence. You'll learn the skills needed to move beyond these limitations. Step into your true potential and embrace the success you deserve!

Modules included

Module 1:

Welcome! Start Here

Module 2:

Starting Assessments

Module 3:

Intro Week Orientation Zoom Call: Start of the program!

Module 4:

Saturday: Week 1 of PQ training: Boost Self Command

Module 5:

Week 2: Our Zoom Call to Review Boost Self-Command

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  • Elissa Kennedy
    Elissa Kennedy
    Holistic Mental Fitness Mindset Coaching

    Hi, I'm Elissa Kennedy, CLC, CPQC, ACC ICF Certified Holistic Mental Fitness Mindset Coach I am here to help you discover how to stop doubting yourself so you can move forward on your path with courage. Your journey will be supported by my programs, coaching, and mentoring techniques to get you moving out of a frazzled state and into a calm and focused state. My proven system isn't available anywhere else. I combined the tools I learned in different trainings, certifications, and my personal life experiences to create a special blend of practical and energetics. I am ICF-certified as a Holistic Life Coach. I also have specializations in Somatic Coaching, Mental Fitness Coaching, and Reiki Healing.