Pradeep Chadha
Psychotherapeutic Coaching

What do you help with?:
  • Insomnia
  • Anger Management
  • Emotional disorders and traumas
  • Alcohol use decrease
  • Mental health & wellness

More about me

High performing individuals sometimes struggle with emotional stress that creates barriers in their performance. My job is to help such individuals turn their life around by working with their Emotional Stress. Best results are usually achieved with combination of only breathing exercises and imagery. You change your emotional make up, your whole life changes. You process your emotions, your behaviour changes. You become peaceful inside, your relationships change. With an experience of 34 years in healthcare, I bring a unique concept with Psychotherapeutic Coaching. You will need to commit for at least 12 sessions to see the change. Packages may be available once you decide to commit.


Working in mental health made me aware of the many skills that are useful but unavailable in mental health services, because they are not mainstream. An ignored factor is the Emotional Health. It is invariably disturbed in not only mental illnesses but also in physical illnesses. Addressing emotional distress remains challenging for mental health professionals even in the 21st century. My objective is to plug this loophole and provide a service that is probably not available elsewhere. When I help one individual change their life for the better, they positively affect hundreds of people they come in contact with. My mission is to help better the lives of as many people as possible and in the process also help create a better future for our younger generations. Freedom from Emotional Stress means Freedom from Suffering. I am also the author of The Stress Barrier(1999) ISBN:1901657655 and The Road To A Happy Life (2007) ISBN:193436021X.

Location and language:

  • Europe/Dublin
  • English, Hindi


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