Marie-Louise Pereira
Mindset work and fulfillment Leadership Coach

I help with :
  • Self-actualization
  • Purpose
  • Mindset
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-discovery

I have been helping now for five years ambitious professionals get recognized and level up to a meaningful position. Through professional coaching, self-empowerment, and self-leadership. I help professionals to take time and space to reflect on their purposeful life and achieve a state of fulfillment at work and in their lives in general. I use mindset technics as well as embodiment technics as I believe that our bodies are a perfect tool to discover more about ourselves and our deepest desires.


My name is Marie-Louise and I am known to help my clients gain clarity about what they want and how to achieve their professional goals with authenticity and alignment. Born in Paris, France to a traditional Armenian family, and working in multicultural and international environments helped me to navigate life with an optimistic mindset, always seeking for more authenticity and integrity. My natural empathy and passion for the personal stories people were compelled to share with me led me to work in various companies in roles where my love for human relationships and negotiating gifts were appreciated. I have always wanted to know myself more to find the most fulfillment at work while discovering my own aspirations, desires, and strengths to create and lead my life from the inside out. Today, and for the last five years, I take great pleasure in helping people find clarity and fulfillment in their work environments and rediscover their own unique brilliance and natural talents to finally live in their greatness and find serenity in their professional world. If you are a professional, looking for more happiness and fulfillment at work, you are at the right place.

Location and language :

  • Europe/Paris
  • French, English