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For folx new to entheogens who require individualized attention, or anyone who might need support for their ongoing transformation, this package provides additional time for 1:1 work. This program combines:

-Two private preparation or integration sessions per month (50 min)

-A library of useful worksheets and resources,

-Access to our online community

Hosted by

Isabel Santis MA

Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness

“My clients have chosen to work with entheogens because they are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. I help them prepare emotionally, physically and mentally, so they can make the best of their experience. After their journeys, I support them in their process of integration, helping them make meaning, glean the pearls of wisdom, and implement sustainable changes based on the insights gained through their experience. If you are committed to the path of sacred medicine, working with me can help you realize the gifts from your experiences.”
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