Package of 6 Private Sessions



This package is designed specifically for people committed to working intentionally with expanded states of consciousness. You can use our time together in any way you want. Some possible topics for discussion are:


In this work, we often say that most of the work on expanded states of consciousness is done "off the mat". Expanded states open doorways and provide insights into our lives that show us how we are stuck on destructive patterns, how our relationships might be toxic, and even heal some trauma from our past. However, just being aware of how or why we might be stuck doesn't necessarily make us unstuck if we don't make changes to our patterns and behaviors. Integration is the process by which we make meaning of our expanded states of consciousness and implement changes in our lives inspired and guided by those experiences. There are many different flavors of integration and many tools that can be used to do it. I draw on my training in shamanic approaches, depth psychology, dreamwork, ecopsychology, creative arts therapy, psychosynthesis, somatic techniques, and trauma-informed life coaching to support my clients according to their needs and styles. To find out more about my approach, the resources section on my website contains videos, interviews, and resources that can give you more insight into how I work.


For new consciousness explorers, preparation is essential for a successful outcome. Preparation is the process by which we prepare our set (mindset) and setting (physical environment and community) to make the best of our consciousness explorations. Depending on your. level of knowledge, you will need different things from preparation. Perhaps you have learned a lot already, so you'd like to dedicate your time preparing on developing skills, practices, and rituals that support intentional engagement with the material you will encounter during your explorations. Or you might be completely new to this world and could use guidance on books to read, videos to watch, and practical aspects of your preparation. Or maybe you are a trauma survivor and would appreciate a trauma-informed perspective to preparing and approaching this work. I recommend at least two preparation sessions before engaging in any type of expanded states of consciousness so you can approach this sacred space resourced and ready to make the best of your experience.

While the content of each session will be tailored specifically to your needs, we can cover:

-Understanding different types of entheogens, and their effects

-How to figure out what is best for you

-What to look for on a facilitator or retreat center

-Developing a relationship with the medicine even before your journey

-Practices that can help you get familiar with the language of your unconscious

-Tools and techniques to help you work with difficult experiences

-Somatic techniques to support your integration

-Practical tips for preparing your return for a soft landing

-Support and insight for making meaning of your experience

-Clarification of emerging values and priorities

-Support in changing habits and implementing big life changes

-Or anything else that is relevant to your process

Hosted by

Isabel Santis MA

Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness

“My clients have chosen to work with entheogens because they are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. I help them prepare emotionally, physically and mentally, so they can make the best of their experience. After their journeys, I support them in their process of integration, helping them make meaning, glean the pearls of wisdom, and implement sustainable changes based on the insights gained through their experience. If you are committed to the path of sacred medicine, working with me can help you realize the gifts from your experiences.”
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