Activate (3 months): Executive Leadership Coaching



Work with our executive coach, Dr. Melissa Álvarez Mangual, to advance your thinking, practice and skills to achieve or exceed the goals you set for yourself. Dr. Álvarez Mangual will take you through her GAINS process while working together to move you in the direction you envision yourself going:

Gain clarity in your purpose, needs, and desires

Acknowledge your strengths

Identify options, opportunities, and alternate ways

Navigate through the terrain trying different mindsets, behaviors, and actions

Succeed in realizing your goals; sustain what works and is nourishing

This coaching package includes: 

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month via phone or video conference
  • Unlimited electronic communication between coaching sessions
  • Curated content related to coaching session topics and coaching goals
  • A HIPPA compliant client portal with secure messaging, calendar syncing, coaching session room for video conferencing with Dr. Álvarez Mangual, and resources in one location

*Payment options are (1) in full or (2) installments. Payment made in installments will incur a convenience fee.

Hosted by

Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D., CDE, ACC

Coaching: Executive; Inclusive, BIPOC & Women's Leadership

“I cultivate bravery and strategic action in people to be inclusive and equitable leaders who shift organizational culture and practices. I coach leaders to lead inclusively & equitably, with emotional intelligence, so they achieve or exceed their goals; BIPOC/womxn leaders to navigate the complexity of identity in the workplace and achieve their personal and professional goals; and leaders who are parents working to balance career ambition and passion while being present and engaged with their children.”
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