Empowered Survivor Coaching: Forging a Journey of Eco-sustainability to reclaim your health after sexual abuse



In conjunction with your therapy, you can begin a journey to reclaim your confidence, build self-efficacy and restore your health with this specialized program. Using eco-sustainable holistic health coaching principles, you can begin to regain a state of mental peace, physical wholeness, and peace.

**NOTE**: Please ensure you receive clearance from your medical professional prior to starting the program. It is not a replacement for therapy, but a program to complete concurrently or after you are mentally ready to press forward towards future goals.

Hosted by

Lashanda Lee, NBC-HWC

Eco-sustainable Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, MS & TS-RYT

“How can my coaching benefit you? - You desire an approach to health that sustains you and the planet. - You want an approach with lasting results that emphasizes - Want to live in alignment with your values while achieving your health goals. - What to improve your health without negatively impacting the environment.  - You want to take control of your stress levels. You are ready to improve your health with real food without starvation. - You need a better balance with your work-life priorities. - You want support with re-establishing healthy boundaries. ”
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