Coaching: Inclusive and Equitable Leadership (12 month)



​You and your organization are ready to do the requisite work to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and/or belonging.

You recognize in order to be an inclusive and equitable leader you have some work to do on yourself, your mindset, beliefs, habits, behaviors, and you have some learning to do. This work necessitates a thought and accountability partner who is steeped in the research, best practices, and learning to serve as a guide in your process, expand your thinking and perspective, and help you to work through the things that may be serving as road blocks in your effort to be a high impact, inclusive and equitable leader. 

Work with our executive certified diversity coach, Dr. Melissa Álvarez Mangual, in a specialized coaching program focused on meeting you where you are and moving you further along to becoming an inclusive and equitable leader, an ally, and partner in creating a more just workplace and society. 

This specialized coaching includes: 

  • One discovery coaching session (1 hour)
  • EQ-i 2.0 assessment, EQ 360, and an EQ coaching session
  • Inclusive Behavior Inventory (IBI), IBI 360 assessment, and a coaching session focused on reviewing findings and recommendations
  • Telephone or video coaching sessions (two 60-minute sessions per month for 12 months)
  • Unlimited electronic communication
  • Curated resources and content related to coaching goals and what emerges in each session
  • A HIPPA compliant client portal with secure messaging, calendar syncing, coaching session room for video conferencing with Dr. Álvarez Mangual, and resources in one location

Note: This service provides executive level coaching on leading in organizations while attending to the diversity, equity, and inclusion dimensions of the interactions, policies, processes, and how you show up as a leader. It will involve doing quite a bit of work on self, with others, and in the system with the coaching support of Dr. Melissa Álvarez Mangual.

Payment options are available (1) in full or (2) installments. Installment plans incur a convenience fee.

Hosted by

Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D., CDE, ACC

Coaching: Executive; Inclusive, BIPOC & Women's Leadership

“I cultivate bravery and strategic action in people to be inclusive and equitable leaders who shift organizational culture and practices. I coach leaders to lead inclusively & equitably, with emotional intelligence, so they achieve or exceed their goals; BIPOC/womxn leaders to navigate the complexity of identity in the workplace and achieve their personal and professional goals; and leaders who are parents working to balance career ambition and passion while being present and engaged with their children.”
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