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Elissa Kennedy
Fee per hour
I’m Elissa, a Holistic & Intuitive, CLCC Certified Somatic Life Coach. I help empathic coaches, wellness practioners, and mothers build their dream business, grow their intuitive gifts, and step into their full expression as an empath though mental fitness training. I help my clients tune-in to their intuition, discover their gifts, and create a vision map for their life and business.
Life Coaching, Vision for Your Business, Mental Fitness
Elena Zarudaeva
Fee per hour
Как коуч и практик быстрых личностных изменений, я работаю с сотояниями: от апатии до радости и спокойствия, от сомнений в себе до уверенности, от непринятия себя до доброты и любви к себе, от состояни зависимости в отношениях до цельности с собой, от отсутствия сил до наполненности энергией. Помогаю понять себя и свою мечту, сфокусироваться на том, что действительно важно в вашей жизни, понять как прийти к желаемому, и сопоровождаю вас в этом пути. Помогаю проработать страхи, неработающие шаблоны поведения, самосаботаж и скрытые выгоды, негативные убеждения, сделать выбор в непростой ситуации, научиться управлять своими эмоциями. Все что я узнаю о вас строго конфиденциально с моей стороны. Все встречи проходят в доверительном диалоге и партнерстве. Для меня очень важно, чтобы люди не ждали какого-то случая или события, не откладывали бы свое счастье, не связывали бы его с какими-то достижениями и условиями жизни, а создавали его уже сейчас.
Life Coaching
Marie-Louise Pereira
I have been helping now for five years ambitious professionals get recognized and level up to a meaningful position. Through professional coaching, self-empowerment, and self-leadership. I help professionals to take time and space to reflect on their purposeful life and achieve a state of fulfillment at work and in their lives in general. I use mindset technics as well as embodiment technics as I believe that our bodies are a perfect tool to discover more about ourselves and our deepest desires.
Mindset work and fulfillment Leadership Coach
Bettye M. Walker
I offer two forms of faith integrated coaching support: LIFECORDS® COACHING (a unique form of motivational coaching focusing on personal development, behavior management, life-building, and coping skills); and EDITORIAL COACHING (a unique form of coaching for faith-based writers and authors seeking support in storytelling, manuscript development, writing, and editing).
Motivational, Personal Development & Editorial Coaching
Lisa May
Fee per hour
With 20+ year of corporate experience, I now serve individuals, team, and companies to achieve peak performance by leveraging the best science / neuroscience-based tool and methodologies. I am on a mission to unlock human potential, join me on the journey!
Transformative Leadership
Tiffany Griffin
Fee per hour
If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, physical pains or ailments I can help! I am an expert in my field and have also experienced a lot in my lifetime so, I am able to empathize.
Energy and Spiritual Coach

Is a platform to find guides to help you it takes to reach your goals and wellbeing.

Pain relief

If you often experience a state of anxiety, depression, and do not want to resort to medication

Physical problem

If you often have trouble sleeping, you have trouble sleeping, prevents live weight, psychosomatic medicine

Help to evolve

Look for ways to develop yourself, develop intuition, stress resistance, and other mental qualities with our guides

Lifestyle management

If you often experience a state of anxiety, depression, and do not want to resort to medication


Our coaches create these carefully curated online courses to help you stay healthy and advance to a higher level in your life journey

Spiritual Awakening Coaching: Co.Awaken Journey
RELEASE . EMERGE . BE. Awakening Coaching After the self-help books, twisting yourself into a knot in yoga, and meditating until you are empty, and blissful retreats, are you still searching? The elusive concept of spiritual awakening can, for some, become an unattainable spiritual dream, that they spend their lives chasing to no end. Perhaps your ego fooled you also, and tricked you into replacing the materialistic obsessions with spiritual addictions and a bottomless chase to nowhere. But check your ego, and sit with yourself. Dig deep, and ask your higher self, because if you are still returning to the same unbearable mire, it’s time lift the veil. CO.AWAKEN JOURNEYS: During Co.Awaken Journeys, which are part Awakening Coaching, part Journeys, we will connect with your karmic imprint to help you piece together how it plays out in this life in recurring patterns of your mind, body, relationships, illnesses, and failures. The goal of these journeys is to support you on your process to awakening, whatever stage you are at in the process and whatever you would like to attain, be it mindfulness, inner peace, deeper spiritual practice, sense of oneness, etc. You can expect to leave the process feeling a sense of completeness, bliss, oneness, connectedness with everything, and contentment like you have never felt before.
Transform Pain into Power- The Elevate Method
You’re exhausted. You go from one healer to the next, one doctor to the next, hoping the next door you open will be the holy grail of treatments will ease this insurmountable struggle. I know this story, I spent twenty five years in the dark waiting room of disease, visiting one doctor after the next, seeking answers where there were none to be found. And then I found the path to wellness was inside of me all along. The Elevate Method helps anyone struggling with chronic pain (from chronic illness or injuries) to heal, transform your pain into power, and design your life to support a foundation of abundant wellness. This 3-month path will guide you to harness your inner healer and empower you to live your full potential in life - regardless of your current condition. A holistic wellness training for the mind, body, soul and spirit that will alter the core of your being, you must be willing to do the hard work it takes to look inwards. The biggest obstacles to wellness are often in our minds, the willingness to face our deepest fears, and the big changes required in order to attain optimum health (and a pain-free life). Ultimately, the final stage of The Elevate Method will inform self-healing rituals, so you can build a foundation of long-lasting health, and re-tune your pain into a gift as a healer one day.
18 Feb, 2020
Six Steps to Becoming a Time Management Ninja
Working from home often feels like a battle between inadequate hours in the day and endless tasks to get done. So how then do you get it all done with enough time to do the things you enjoy? This virtual workshop by Certified Positive Psychology and Well-being Coach, La-Dana Manhertz-Smith, will equip you with a 6-step strategy to maximize productivity so you can enjoy your success while finding fulfillment.
How To Tame Your Inner Critic
Hey girl, did you know that your inner critic forms your self-image and your self-image is closely tied to your values? It's time to tame her. This 5-module program will help you explore where your inner critic comes from, how to make her treat you better, and activities to help get that girl on the right track so you can really live your best life.
6 Jul, 2020
Taopatch Academy: First 6 Weeks
Welcome to Taopatch! We have been working on our product for over 8 years, and we're excited for you to start this journey with us! Taopatch combines the ancient knowledge of acupuncture with modern developments in nanotechnology and light therapy. It helps your Central Nervous System rebalance itself, which can lead to many benefits, like chronic pain relief, enhanced athletic performance, improved mobility and balance, and a better sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Over the last 8 years we have learned that the methodology of how you use Taopatch is as important as the technology behind it. We worked with thousands of people and conducted numerous studies to find-tune our directions and protocols. We've seen how customers who follow these directions see drastically better results than those who don't. Over the next 3 months we'll help you integrate Taopatch into your life and get the results you're looking for. If you have any questions, email us any time ( or call us at +1-323-693-9635. Einstein said "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies". We are proud to help usher in this era.
The Wellness Jumpstart Program
If you need a boost to get you towards your wellness goals, this wellness Jumpstart Program is for you! Make the habit-forming changes that will support your wellbeing for the long haul. Choose this program to gain: - Increased Energy - Better Mental Clarity - Get a Leg up on Health Goal Achievement
14 Nov, 2020

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