Neel Raman
Performance and Achievement Coach

I help with:
  • Executive coaches
  • High performance
  • Job/career change
  • Life Coaching
  • Productivity

More about me

Many career professionals achieve a lot of success, but do not feel fulfilled in their job, and question if they are in the right career or doing what they are meant to. I help reconnect them to their greatness, so they can align the work they do to a bigger purpose and achieve more success that matters to them.


Not knowing what their purpose or true calling in life is causes people to pursue success that is not meaningful or do things they are not meant to. I inspire those committed to personal growth and mastery to reconnect to their greatness, so they can do work they love and create the life they want. Everyone is born with greatness. Most people have put a cloak over what makes them great, which prevents them from being their true selves and create the life they want. When people are not true to themselves, they settle for a life that is uninspiring, which affects their motivation, performance, achievements and the contributions they make. I guide those committed to personal growth and mastery to reconnect to their greatness through my content, products, programs and services, so they can dream big and believe in new possibilities. When others connect with me and what I do, they will feel inspired and have the courage to live their purpose and share their greatness. If people are living and sharing their greatness, they will create happier, fulfilling lives, which will make a positive difference in the world.

Location and Language:

  • Australia/Sydney
  • English, Hindi


  • 14

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