Winnie Chen
Family Finance coaching; Financial Fitness; Financial wellness

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  • Financial wellness
  • Female empowerment

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THRIVING | ABUNDANCE | HAPPINESS Empower you to take control of your family finance; Enrich your family life with financial happiness. Whether you are driven professionals or busy business owners, we are here to empower you to optimise your family finance, build confidence with your every family financial decisions you make, and fast track on your financial dreams. Money DNA Family Finance Coaching provide family financial coach and financial education via intimate private sessions, informative group workshops, and a supportive like-minded community to inspire you developing your money muscles, nourishing you with informative money nutrition, and empowering you to be in control of your household money matters, make informative money decisions and plans, and achieve your financial goals.


Hi, I’m Winnie! At 31 years of age, due to the business partnership going sour, I was on the brink of bankruptcy and had over US$100k in debt. With hard work and determination, I developed a set of strategies that not only enabled me to pay off my debt in 18 months but also built up a lump sum as a safety net. This incident told me such a valuable lesson in life and also planted the seed for me to help others improve their lives by better managing their finances, including publishing my 1st book ‘A 21-Day Guide to Financial Happiness’ in 5 countries in Asia. For the past decade in financial services industry as a certified financial planner, a SME business banker and a certified money coach, I have developed creative and fun ways to manage money and help my clients learn how to make informed financial decisions and overcome financial challenges. In 2021, Money DNA community was born (alongside with Unblock Your Wealth/ UYW Financial Wellness which was established in 2018) to bring a mix of money and beyond money concepts in life, delivered via private sessions and group workshops & activities, and a supportive like-minded community to empower our members to be in control of money and achieve your financial dreams.

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  • Australia/Brisbane
  • English


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  • Financial services - Financial wellness, Certified Financial Planning, SME business banking