Miriam Yattassaye
Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness

I help with :
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Diet/Weight management
  • Mind-body connection
  • Integrative Health & Wellness

More about me

Managing your health and staying in the best condition you possibly can is a full-time job. But that job becomes easier when working with me as your health guide. My creative solutions, insights and wealth of knowledge have helped men and women like you reach their goals. My evaluations are holistic, covering all aspects of your health to obtain a complete picture. All recommendations are made with your interests and concerns in mind. I tailor cutting edge research and interventions to suit you in order to help you enjoy the journey towards better health. My sessions are more frequent in the begining, but the frequency decreases over time. Recommendations are designed to be completed gradually. This allow you time to enjoy getting healthier, while making it easier to remain healthy.


I’m a registered nurse and a student of translational science. My years of experience have taught me that; - Every interaction is meaningful - Nursing research is underrated - Stress is conflict that needs to be resolved - Real wealth is in holistic wellness Better health became easier for me and my family once I applied these and other lessons into my life. It’s against my nature to keep such life changing information to myself. I want to share what I have learned with you. It would be my honor to walk with you through your health transformation.

Location and language:

  • America/New York
  • English


  • 9
  • Med-Tech College
  • 2010
  • RN624856 (Pennsylvania
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