Meditation GEA
Meditation, chakra opening, breathe work

I help with :
  • Awareness
  • Breathwork
  • Focus and concentration
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness

If you're struggling with anxiety, pànic attacks, stress... I know ways to help you manage it, because I’ve had that myself . The journey of everything that manifests on the outside can be understood by going inward . The goal here is to re- learn how to love ourselves


Michelle Diaz is one of GEA´s meditation teachers. Over the past 20 years, she has helped people kickstart a personal meditation practice and then take it to the next level. Michelle shares her passion and expertise through GEA´s first and second level meditation courses in Miami, U.S.A, workshop sessions, Energy healing therapy, and inspirational stories on social media where she showcases her personal journey. "Meditation isn't a destination, its a journey within...and it never ends"- Michelle. “I am loyal to myself, when my entire essence indicates that my love for the Light is stronger than my weaknesses. When recognizing and accepting who I really am, in that moment I am loyal to myself and I can Love freely “- Enseñanza GEA – the value of Loyalty instagram @michellemeditationcoach

Location and language :

  • America/New York
  • English, Spanish


  • 19
  • Enseñanza GEA
  • 2001
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