Marisol Credle
Transformational Coaching

I help with :
  • Business Development
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Personal Growth
  • Life Coaching
  • Psychology

Hi, I’m Marisol I am a transformation coach, an author, entrepreneur and I am on a mission to empower individuals who want to turn their dreams into reality, one mindset at a time! In my coaching practice, I provide the tools, strategies, and support to help creative individuals to make meaningful change in their lives and business. I love what I do because helping people become successful and fulfilled is deeply meaningful to me. I have faced many of the same challenges throughout my own journey. I know all too well the pressures of society, overcoming fear and self-doubt, combating negative self-talk and feelings of inadequacy. I understand. Coaching helped to transform my life and through my spiritual beliefs I was able to endure, persevere and learn valuable lessons to propel me to the next dimension of my life. There is a better way and I believe its my life’s purpose to help people see their own value and their beautiful gifts that can make huge ripple effects in the world in a positive way. Now that you’re here and you’ve gotten to know a bit more about me, I’m so excited to hear more about you. I can’t wait to witness your incredible journey and success story. If there’s one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it’s this: Your success is inevitable and you are always on the right path. There is more and this is only the beginning.


As a certified transformation coach and founder of Top Secret Songwriter, I have worked with many beautiful souls from all over the world such as: music creators, young adults, entrepreneurs, students and parents. I offer private one-to-one coaching sessions and individual business consulting. My education includes a Master of Arts in Psychology. I also hold an ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation in which I received my training from The Graduate Institute. I know things have not been easy for you, but with patience, a plan and intentionality things will change in your life. All it takes is one decision to reach the true version of you that the world has yet to see, that YOU have yet to discover, waiting to be unveiled. I have created a coaching program that will support you to develop new habits, shift from limiting thinking and patterns of behavior to more desired outcomes, plans of action and accountability.

Location and language :

  • America/New York
  • English