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I specialize in leadership development and communication, turning around culture and teams for mid-sized organizations. I model every concept that I coach and train on. I roll up my sleeves and get dirty, working with your team and your business. I will not bring your people to my classroom and subject them to some franchised, pre-prepared, one-size-fits-all, canned content. As Allen Weiss said, you don’t want a ski coach who sits in the lodge sipping brandy and talking ski theory. You want someone who grabs you and says follow me down the hill. I’ve been leading people and teams for years in the hardest arena there is – VOLUNTEERS. You don’t have a pay cheque to hold over their heads so it takes real influence to lead them where you want to go. If you are looking to improve the babysitting skills of your managers, I’m not the one you want. You only want me if you are serious about increasing the leadership skills of your managers and their teams.


Senior executives and other decision makers bring me in when: - They are looking to create a high-performance, cohesive team and extraordinary leaders, who can take their business to new levels, - The team is not working the way it's supposed to exposing them to unnecessary errors, customer complaints, and bad reviews which can result in lost sales and revenue. - The results are not what they should be or the company is not growing at the desired rate. - They are frustrated with losing good people as fast or faster than they can find them. - They are fed up with finger-pointing or CYA behaviour, playing referee or lack of cooperation between departments. - The team is in need of fresh ideas and perspective particularly around communication, cooperation and gaining the full commitment and discretionary effort of every member. I provide communication and leadership consulting, coaching and training to teams, managers and senior executives. I speak on a variety of topics that pertain to communication and leadership. Tangible impacts on business from a change in mindset and developing high quality leadership skills include increases in productivity, quality of product or service and organizational strength as well as improved teamwork, increased job satisfaction, and reduced conflict. As a member of the John Maxwell Team, I represent the largest leadership development organization in the world. My only agenda is your success.

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