Korie Leigh
Integrative Health & Wellness

I help with :
  • Healthy habits
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Mind-body connection
  • Wellness and wellbeing

In my work, I integrate various methods of creative expression with children and families, including arts-based approaches, mindfulness, play therapy techniques, and developmentally appropriate psycho-education. With expertise in childhood growth and development, thanatology (the study of death and grief), attachment, trauma-informed practices, and transpersonal psychology, I emphasize a whole-person approach, which is strongly influenced by present moment, emphatic, and spiritual dimensions of supporting families in crisis.


As a Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology, I draw upon my expertise, training, and over 15 years of clinical experience to provide a comprehensive framework of evidence-based tools for my clients. As a patient myself, I know firsthand the complexity of managing chronic illness. My approach to working with clients involves an integration of functional health, human development, psychology, spirituality, mind/body principles, counseling, and coaching techniques. I support clients with chronic illness make health and lifestyle changes that support their physical, emotional​ and spiritual healing.

Location and language :

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English


  • 15
  • Ph.D. Integral & Transpersonal Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies Dissertation: Handprints on the soul: The impact of legacy building interventions on bereaved families