Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, ICF PCC, CPCC
Integral Executive Coaching, Neuroscience based Mindfulness & EI

I help with :
  • Existential questions
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Neuroleadership
  • Workplace Wellness

More about me

If you are a HIGH ACHIEVER in a pressure driven environment, you are probably struggling with stress and overwhelm. Do you feel that? Do you feel you are losing your motivation and the enthusiasm that you used to have? Are you afraid of BURN OUT? Do you want to get your MOJO back and feel on top of your game again? That is my expertise! I come from 15 years of experience in pressure driven environments in corporate world and I have studied in detail what chronic stress does to our body, soul and mental health. As a matter of fact I have gone through burn out, myself. I can promise you that in working with me, you WILL feel fulfilled and joyful again. I know it is hard to see light in the darkness. It is my job to let you see that light and feel it with all your being so you can leave anxiety, stress, and overwhelm behind and EMBRACE calm, clarity, and focus. Welcome to your new LIFE! Welcome to living to YOUR FULL POTENTIAL again to leave a legacy!


Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, PCC is the founder of Heart Mind Tuning in Los Angeles and a former IT executive. Heart Mind Tuning is a coaching and consulting agency focused on human potential development and performance optimization. She is a certified integral life, leadership, and executive development coach by New Ventures West. Kathy is also a certified neuroscience based emotional intelligence and mindful leadership consultant by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). Kathy builds on two Masters in Engineering and Management and 15+ years of experience leading technology initiatives in the corporate world across multiple industries with several Fortune 500 companies. After a life-changing event in 2015, Kathy embarked on a journey to combine her background in systems thinking and her track record in mind body connection, to develop methods that amplify effectiveness of leaders and boosts innovation in teams. Programs: * Beyond Fear Leadership: This program is geared towards using neuroscience to empower a culture of change and innovation – Building calm, clarity, and equanimity to maximize positive change, creativity and, and innovation. *Life 2.0 - Focuses on positive changes based on understanding a person as a WHOLE and building a neuroscience based plan to optimize potential and performance. *Zen Mind - Building equanimity, empathy, calm through Mindfulness, CBT, and emotional intelligence techniques. This program can be used to foster deeper relationships, deal with transitions, health challenges, burn out, etc. *Empowered Leader - What does power mean? How can you be the most effective leader? We use the alignment between heart & mind, embodiment techniques, AI based tools . * Riding the Waves of Life Credentials: -MSc Eng, ICF PCC, CPCC, 6 Seconds EQAC,BPC -Certified Integral Life, leadership & Executive Coach - UCLA & SIYLI Certified Neuroscience based Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Educator

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  • America/Los Angeles
  • English, Spanish


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