Katherine Lawson
Mental Health & Wellness

I help with :
  • Plant medicine integration
  • Spirituality
  • Embodiment
  • Mental health & wellness
  • Dreamwork

More about me

I have been fascinated by the power of dreams for most of my life. I believe that our dream life is one of the most undervalued resources of our time. I’m passionate about introducing others to the incredible potential for growth, healing, and creativity that can be accessed through dreams.


While I was obtaining my MA in Counseling Psychotherapy with a focus in Depth Psychotherapy at Pacifica Graduate Institute, I published a thesis looking at the healing properties of dream work, focusing on PTSD and other types of unprocessed wounds, including sexual trauma. My claims were based on both personal experience and an exhaustive review of the literature on the topic. I addressed these same issues in my private practice with clients and in my speaking engagements with larger audiences. When I was later diagnosed with cancer, my treatment experience—chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery—was extremely painful and traumatic, and left me at absolute zero. Looking back, I can see that my diagnosis was a traumatic event and much of my suffering during treatment was the result of that emotional trauma. And once I had the gift of hindsight, I could also share my story with other cancer patients and share the process of working with dreams to cultivate growth and healing. I have been working with cancer patients for the past 4 years. As a Mind Body Medicine doctoral student, I am deeply interested in therapies that stimulate one's capacity for self-knowledge and self-healing through self-care. I focus on the interactions between the brain, mind, body, and personality, and the powerful ways in which mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors affect health and happiness.

Location and language :

  • US/Pacific
  • English


  • Saybrook University
  • Mind Body Medicine PhD