Joy Khoo
Transformative Leadership

I help with :
  • Conscious leadership
  • Executive leadership
  • Corporate culture
  • Mindset
  • Team Effectiveness

I focus on coaching highly stressed working professionals who are committed to finding purpose, focus, clarity, inner peace, and fulfillment. I empower my clients to develop a sense of curiosity on a journey of self -discovery, ​and transformation on an integral level. I am a certified Integral Coach® from New Ventures West, a trained facilitator in SoulCollage®, an ecotherapist and a certified yoga nidra teacher. An inquisitive and playful student of life, I am committed to the journey of gathering and cultivating holistic tools for my own self care as well as for coaching others.


Joy was honored by Secretary Colin Powell as the Community Liaison Officer of the Year in 2003 for her outstanding leadership in managing two evacuations for the US Embassy in Indonesia. Joy had daily coaching conversations with 350 US Embassy employees and family members to guide them through challenging work and life transitions. She also co-facilitated, an evacuation workshop for 30 US Ambassadors and coached them on how to be more effective leaders in times of crisis and transition. Also, she supported five Embassy communities from the Middle East who were evacuated from their posts during the Iraq war. Joy has worked with clients from a wide variety of organizations including the US Department of State, USAID, US Department of Defense, Microsoft, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Joy has mentored and coached individuals to success throughout her 15-year career in business consulting at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, non-profit management at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and as the Community Liaison Officer at the US Department of State. Joy coaches individuals who are committed to finding purpose, focus, and fulfillment. Known for her compassionate, flexible and creative style, she guides and empowers her clients to develop a sense of curiosity on a journey of self-discovery and transformation on an integral level using art, nature, and holistic health tools. I speak Malay, Chinese and Indonesian.

Location and language :

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English, Bengali


  • 13
  • Certified Integral Coach – New Ventures West
  • CA
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