Dr. Jay Khorsandi
Health & Wellness

I help with :
  • Healthy habits
  • Yoga
  • Sleep
  • Biohacking

More about me

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed? I always tell my patients "My goal is for you to put your head down to go to sleep and the next thing you know, your alarm clock is going off." I've treated 1000's of patients for sleep problems and although I can never guarantee results, I can tell you that I know a thing or two about communicating with people. I have experienced bedside manner that can only come with 20 years of clinical patient care dealing with fearful, angry, depressed and sleep deprived patients and clinical experience of being a doctor in the field as well as a fanatical sleep enthusiast I'd love to help you get better sleep. I do it everyday.


Over the last 20 years, my career and journey has taken many directions from cosmetic dentist to corporate entrepreneur to most recently being a sleep doctor. I am currently treating patients for sleep disordered breathing (snoring and sleep apnea) by day and my "night job" is devoted to decoding human health optimization through anti-aging and "biohacking" tactics focused on sleep optimization. This has culminated with my highly successful podcast "Best Night Ever!" that combines interviews with experts in their respective field along with the best of sleep and wellness research, technologies, supplements, meditations, breath work, EMF mitigation and more and has been used as a platform to help get my knowledge and message out. Let me use this immense body of knowledge and experience to help you find out what is holding you back from great sleep and help you sleep like a baby and wake up like a lion!

Location and language:

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English


  • 20
  • Northwestern University
  • 2001
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