Chris Denton
I practice and teach intuitive alchemy and authentic living.

I help with :
  • Guilt/shame/blame
  • Awareness
  • Self-love
  • Finding your purpose
  • Existential questions

More about me

The practice of Intuitive Alchemy allows us to discover who we truly are and see our true value. As the practice does its work within us, we create authentic healing and we discover our purpose. Far from being a one-size fits all method, it is rather a set of principles which, along with acceptance-based intuition led coaching, enable us to discover the methods and practices which will create freedom and enable us to experience life fully without hiding from any of it. Each session will include discussion, counseling, and coaching specific to your goals. Each session will also include coaching on various exercises and methods for your practice and will often include various guided methods of seeking your inner wisdom and intuition.


What started out as a supportive trait to help a young boy cope with his high emotional sensitivity and strong empathy, my ability to pretend to be whoever I thought was called for in any given situation became a favorite crutch that I leaned on as I grew into adulthood without ever learning to be truly vulnerable. In order to keep myself safe from even being tempted to practice vulnerability, I developed a belief that I was incapable of any creative or artistic expression. Far from keeping me safe, with this inauthenticity I had built the walls of my own prison cell and by denying my creativity I had placed a harsh jailer to keep watch. Brene Brown says that creativity denied is not benign but can be absolutely toxic to the soul (my paraphrase), and after a cyclone of pain wreaked a path of destroyed relationships through my life I understand what that toxicity can do. At 35, I found myself standing in the wreckage of my life determined to live authentically, without a clue as to what that looked like. I had no idea who to turn to or what to trust, so I decided to allow my heart to be my guide. As I learned to feel my feelings and experience my experiences, I could only express myself in raw authenticity. I developed practices to release my inner shame and I learned to act courageously and have compassion for myself and others. Along the way, I began to share my story with others and in so doing I discovered that each of us has a unique predicament and each of work best with our own practice in order to create our freedom. I also saw that there is a set of principles and methods which enable us to discover and create the practice which will free us from our own suffering.

Location and language :

  • America/Los Angeles
  • English


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