Elizabeth Shuler
Transformational Coaching | Psychedelic Coaching | Yoga Therapy

I help with :
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Plant Medicine Integration
  • Mind-body connection
  • Integrative Health & Wellness

More about me

Transformational Coaching, Yoga Therapy, Psychedelic Integration, & Reiki Evolve from the Inside Out. Let's thrive together!


As a Transformational Mind-Body Coach, I believe in the power of body-based (somatic) techniques and mindfulness to help you achieve your goals and create lasting change. By combining these approaches, we can not only use the power of the mind to focus attention, but also tap into the wisdom of the body to create a deeper, more integrated transformation. Central to this process is our coaching relationship, which serves as the foundation for all of our work together. By building a trusting, genuine, and safe connection, we can explore your hopes, dreams, fears, and limiting beliefs in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Through targeted interventions that address the mind (through mindfulness), the brain/body (through somatic techniques), and relationships (through our own coaching relationship), we can help you create the life you want. By integrating these three key elements of your being, we can unlock your full potential and help you achieve greater levels of well-being, fulfillment, and success. Whether you're looking to overcome a specific challenge, make a major life transition, or simply live with greater intention and purpose, I am here to support you on your journey. Together, we can create a powerful partnership that will help you achieve your goals and thrive in all areas of your life. My name is Dr. Elizabeth Shuler, but you can call me Liz. I am a Mind-Body Transformational Coach with 14+ years of experience helping people feel better, move forward, and create a life they love. I work with people in the United States and around the world to evolve from the inside out. I have a few degrees and trainings, including a MS in Mental Health Counseling, a PsyD, yoga teacher certification, Reiki 3rd degree, yoga therapy certification, and much more. While I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wyoming and hold advanced degrees in psychology, I do not provide psychotherapy, clinical psychology, or medical treatment at Inner Evolution Coaching.

Location and language :

  • Europe/Paris
  • English