Abby Spooner
Somatic Embodiment Coach

I help with :
  • Somatic Coaching
  • Breathwork
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Chakra Healing

There's inherent wisdom and healing within our physical and energetic bodies. We each have the capacity and power to reclaim the hurt, lost, repressed, and conditioned parts of ourselves to live in our most authentic essence.


As a somatic, trauma-informed embodiment coach, I’m here to help guide and lead you through your own personal wellness journey in and through the body using mind-body coaching, breathwork, energy work, sound resonance, somatic exercises and embodied Tantric practices. I’ll work with you to identify your personal triggers, patterns, and blocks while teaching you how to release those from your body and shift your perspective to bring healing, transformation, and restoration. I’ll support you through the emotional, physical, and energetic releases while assisting you in raising your vibration, restoring balance in your life, and connecting to your inner essence. Through this work, I believe you’ll be able to show up in the world with greater peace, purpose, self-compassion, confidence, and love, which can change your life and the collective.

Location and language :

  • America/New York
  • English