Laszlo Karafiath
Transformative Leadership

I help with :
  • Flow states
  • Conscious leadership
  • Hero's journey
  • Neuroscience
  • Meditation

More about me

We live in a volatile and uncertain world. Instead of finding something to hold on to, find and strengthen your core. I am here to guide you to ground yourself in your inner world. In our sessions and by creating your efficient daily practice you will thrive and not just survive in today's complex reality. Find your inner leadership. Get in touch with your true North. Find your own way. You know by now that the outside challenges are always the easier ones, while the inner obstacles could be crippling, hindering your progress. That is where I can help you to help yourself. In our sessions we put a unique focus on developing your abilities harnessing your creative powers you will open up new growth prospects and break through previous personal limitations. Limitations are essentially stories. Stories that are sometimes unconscious. Stories about how and why we are not able to reach a goal. New stories can empower us just as much so with the new narratives we create in our sessions my clients can reach goals never thought possible.


I am here to help my clients to break through and be even more successful. After three successful startups I know what it is like to face leadership obstacles. Now after 10 years of my own personal development work in different kinds of therapies I know how to help to overcome these obstacles. I found my purpose and that is to help other people find their purpose.

Location and language:

  • Europe/Budapest
  • English