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Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork, also known as Structural Integration, or Rolfing, is a type of therapy that focuses on deep tissue manipulation and movement education. When practitioners work on the tissue, they release the tension, rebalance the body, and realign it with the earth's gravitational field. This approach aims at increasing energy levels, eliminate chronic pain, and promote a sense of general well-being.

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Ginevra Are Cappiello
I am a heart-based and purpose-driven holistic counselor and integrative wellness life coach. Begin your journey towards balanced wellness and get back in touch with your body, heart, and the Universe around you! My system integrates the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual holistic realms of your life. I will help you feel aligned with your purpose and achieve your well-being, career, and personal goals. You will leave our sessions feeling centered in your body, able to express and release negative emotions, and motivated to realize your most fulfilling intentions. My sessions include an initial assessment and client intake form and identification of your presenting concerns. Then, we will work on identifying and transforming what is currently out of balance in your life. Finally, we will develop an action plan and I will share with you tools such as SMART goals setting, time-management planning, career goals clarifications, expressive arts making, somatic experiencing, Emotional Release Method, yoga and meditation.
Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness
Miriam Yattassaye
Managing your health and staying in the best condition you possibly can is a full-time job. But that job becomes easier when working with me as your health guide. My creative solutions, insights and wealth of knowledge have helped men and women like you reach their goals. My evaluations are holistic, covering all aspects of your health to obtain a complete picture. All recommendations are made with your interests and concerns in mind. I tailor cutting edge research and interventions to suit you in order to help you enjoy the journey towards better health. My sessions are more frequent in the begining, but the frequency decreases over time. Recommendations are designed to be completed gradually. This allow you time to enjoy getting healthier, while making it easier to remain healthy.
Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness
Jill Still
I work with adults and kids who are looking for convenient and accessible ways to support health and fitness using an accessible and scientific technique called Acupatching ™. This at-home approach to care is perfect for surgery and injury recovery, as well as chronic pain, sports performance, fertility, anxiety, depression, everyday health concerns and more. I have coached people with ACL surgery, meniscus surgery, knee replacements, multiple bone fractures, muscle tears, sprains, strains and more. I have witnessed back pain diminish and energy return. I have seen professionals, amateurs, and recreation enthusiasts meet their athletic goals. I have seen sleep improve, bug bite itching diminish, focus and motivation return, and so much more. Phototherapy patches combine the power of light therapy with acupoint stimulation to effect change on many levels and can support many health conditions. This technique uses phototherapy patches — all of the benefits are in the patch. You just need a specialist to help you use them to their full potential. I am here to ASSIST you!
Surgery, Injury, Pain, Health Specialist
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