Chi Odogwu
Business Growth Consultant

I help with :
  • Entrepreneur Dream
  • Business
  • Podcasting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation

I help entrepreneurs, CEOs, senior executives and thought leaders launch and appear as guests on podcasts, host virtual summits and write thought leadership articles for publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur that builds audiences, attract high quality inbound leads, and generates revenue.


I observed that many accounting & finance executives were frustrated with the results of their marketing efforts due to their reliance on outdated methods like social media posting, in-person networking & referrals and paid advertising. My team and I developed a proven process that helps execs in the accounting and finance industries build their audience and connect with leads through conversations that creates avenues to help clients solve their problems. As a result of our work, I receive invitations to speak at conferences and write for media outlets like Forbes, The Hustle, Trends, and speaks on several podcasts and virtual summits. We looks forward to serving your audience by teaching them strategies and tactics that will improve their visibility, build their audience, and increase sales. WWW.ODOGWU.COM PODCAST@ODOGWU.COM +1 844 463 9499

Location and language :

  • America/Toronto
  • English, Portuguese


  • 10
  • Brandeis University