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Winnie Chen
THRIVING | ABUNDANCE | HAPPINESS Empower you to take control of your family finance; Enrich your family life with financial happiness. Whether you are driven professionals or busy business owners, we are here to empower you to optimise your family finance, build confidence with your every family financial decisions you make, and fast track on your financial dreams. Money DNA Family Finance Coaching provide family financial coach and financial education via intimate private sessions, informative group workshops, and a supportive like-minded community to inspire you developing your money muscles, nourishing you with informative money nutrition, and empowering you to be in control of your household money matters, make informative money decisions and plans, and achieve your financial goals.

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Individual session FREE MONEY FITNESS CALL (20 mins)

20 min
Profi video conferencing

Your no obligation appointment is completely FREE!

Book a no obligation, free Money Fitness call to have a quick chat with a Money DNA coach about your money and financial goals. 

Individual session 個人經濟力諮詢 (120分鐘)

120 min
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個人經濟力 (120分鐘)


  1. 致富人格 - 找到你的核心價值,
  2. 設定你的人生目標
  3. 檢視目前財務籌碼
  4. 訂定個人投資理財方向

Individual session Fast-track Your Business Success Reading (90 mins) AU$249

90 min
Profi video conferencing

Individual session Couple's Money Love Language Reading (90 mins) AU$249

90 min
Profi video conferencing

Wonder what money personalities would support you to achieve your money goals, accelerate your success, and would hold you back from where you want to go?! We are here to help you discover your money ‘WHY’, your money super power and draw back, and your unique money love languages.

This session is to support couples/families, who would like to plan ahead their family finance together or overcome money conflicts, to discuss about their money issues in harmony.

In this session, we will cover:

*Your core desire, core value, your money languages

*Your partner's core desire, core value, and his/her money languages

*Individual's strength and challenges for money management

*Unique way to communicate with each other about money


3 x Check-in session ,
3 x Onboarding Discussion | Financial Health Evaluation | Tracking System setup (60mins)
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2 x Onboarding Discussion | Financial Health Evaluation | Tracking System setup (60mins)
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1 x Check-in session
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