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AEsha Goins
I have been coaching small businesses for over 18 years. In 2007 I was certified in a Real Estate program with Brian Buffini, We were trained to coach realtors to have 1 close and 2 escrows in 100 days. Since receiving training in the Brian Buffini program I have coached over 150 clients to their own personal success. I've used the learned coaching skills and adopted new ones to create journeys of love and mastery. In 2019 I got certified again with ICU Coaching academy and then went back during the pandemic to gain mastery in some of ICU coaching systems. My goal is to be certified as mediator by winter 2022

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Individual session Individual 30-min session

30 min
Zoom video conferencing

What can you expect?

  • Thought provoking, challenging sessions that will facilitate growth and development
  • Spiritual insights that support business building concepts that equips and empowers
  • One-on-One weekly hourly online sessions (zoom recorded) with interim assignments designed to alter limiting belief
  • What your coach/Mentor expects?
  • Open and honest communication
  • 30min. commitment where undivided attention is available without distractions
  • Suspend habitual thoughts & opinions | trust the process

Individual session Individual 15-min session

15 min
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Individual session Check In

15 min
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This is for the person that isn't sure what they need but really believe they need to chat.

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Package 8 week "voice only"

8 x Individual 30-min session
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Package 8 week "Recorded" Coaching Program

8 x Individual 30-min session
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