Sunday, Apr 7, 2019

Positive Peace Conference: Keynote Daniel Brown

Integrative Psychotherapy is one of the most advanced therapy approaches, and it can deliver transformative results in a pretty efficient way, that’s why we represent it on our telewellness platform. We are very passionate about educating about integrative approaches and making them easy to access. Because they work and sometimes they work much faster than more of old-school therapeutic approaches.

Here’s an interesting keynote transcription from one of the brightest minds in the field of integrative research by Daniel Brown, the Director of the Centre for Integrative Psychotherapy and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School spoke during the 2017 Positive Peace Conference at the Stanley Humanities Center. Daniel Brown, Ph.D. and Rahob Rinpoche

D. Brown’s speech was filled with valuable information and considerations about positive psychology, attachment theory, post-conventional development of adults, training of the mind, and meditation/awakening. You can watch the entire speech, but if you are curious to know the highlights, we created for you a list of bullet points.

Focus on the positive

  • For people with attachment disorders who are unable or afraid to build close ties with others, the best therapy is a long-term work of visualization focused on the image of the ideal parent — someone who provides a sense of safety and trust.
  • For people with self-esteem disorders, the best therapy is to constantly make them focus on what they are good at. In the long-term, the objective is to spread positivity and optimism to different areas of their lives.
  • In therapeutic work, as in life, the focus on positive moments and the search for positive behavioral patterns have been proven to be more effective than attempts to investigate the causes of negative patterns.

A global perspective on life

  • A more global perspective where everything is connected allows people to feel more in tune with the meaning of life. This approach also helps to create a different perception of the work people do because they tend to perceive it as a calling, a relationship, and develop a close spiritual connection with it.
  • Meditation and, in general, the state of awakening, is about training positive states of mind, slowly excluding the negative states of mind. This requires constant work, and the help of professionals is recommended, but neuroplasticity proves that our brains can be trained.

The ideal leader

  • People are divided into those who are oriented towards people and those who are oriented towards power. These last ones are more interested in becoming leaders and when they do, they tend to make decisions that negatively impact people. Showing the importance of becoming leaders to the people who are in the first category is a good step towards peace because they can make better decisions.
  • The ideal leader is both “about people” and “about power,” and he/she has a healthy sense of attachment, a clear sense of self without being selfish, a global spiritual vision, ethical and moral principles, a high ability to concentrate and meditate, a high level of awareness, and compassionate soul.

Focusing on the positive using meditation and visualization and having a global perspective on life are all essential traits of a successful and happy life. It is not always easy to stay positive and feel the connection with the world around you — that’s why having a guide that follows you in your path towards a fulfilling life is recommended.

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