Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How to get the most of your wearable device data

Our well-being depends on a variety of factors. We all have to deal with challenges, and it is important to ask for help when we are struggling. If you are experiencing issues with nutrition, stress, or sleep, working with a professional guide can be a life-changing experience. Innovative data-driven coaching is the new frontier.

At awarenow, we believe in creating holistic programs that take care of the whole person and are tailored to the specific needs of the client. One important aspect of this approach is the use of data to personalize these programs.

Devices that track eating habits, weight, stress levels, and sleeping patterns can help coaches to get insights on the everyday life of their clients and work with them to correct unhealthy habits and improve their wellbeing.

One of our coaches, Andre Obradovic, told us about how he uses Biostrap, an innovative device that helps you improves sleep, physiological recovery, and performance using powerful cloud-based algorithms. He uses Biostrap’s remote monitoring feature to access his clients’ data and gets insights related to their sleep patterns, resting heart rate, and other important biometrics.

Sleep plays an essential role in your physical and mental health because it affects your energy levels and immune system. In addition, sleep helps to balance the hormones that regulate hunger. Sleep deficiency may increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

 Getting data on the sleep patterns and resting heart rate of clients, Andre is able to get insights into other aspects of their lives, including their eating habits. He has a weekly coaching session with them, but in-between they keep the communication going with texts and screenshots.

 “If they tell me that they are eating healthy food, but they are not able to lose weight, I look at a screenshot of their sleep patterns, identify the issues, and use the data to help them improve,” he explained.

 Andre appreciates the accessibility of the device. Simply by scrolling the screen, he’s able to get a glimpse on the overall health of the client. Sometimes, he also sends his data to his clients because he thinks it is important to show them that he is not perfect.

 “We are all human. We all have things that we can improve whether you’re a coach or an executive. Showing that you’re a real person to your clients helps them see that you can improve yourself. I think that makes them more confident.”

 At awarenow, we believe that this type of innovative data-driven coaching is the most effective form of coaching because it allows clients to share data about their health with their guides, and guides can work on more personalized programs and adapt their sessions based on what they observe in the data.

 If you are working with a coach, or you are considering asking for professional help, we also invite you to keep track of your health using devices such as Biostrap.

This data will create a much stronger platform for you to work on, and this innovative approach will allow you to improve much faster and get better results. You can easily share your data with your coach on awarenow to gain the most results out of data-driven highly-personalized coaching.

If you use one of these tracking devices without the support of a coach, it might be hard to see the connections among the parameters and know what to change in your life to improve your health. A professional coach can help you interpret the data and explain to you why these parameters are important and how they influence your quality of life.

In this modern era, where we have the technology available, we need to combine different methods to create the best possible programs for clients. We at awarenow believe that a personalized holistic approach focused on the whole person combined with data can provide great insights, allow everyone to take back control of their health decisions, and measurably improve wellbeing.

Book your 1:1 session with Andre Obradovic on our platform to see how you can get the most out of your Biostrap data.

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