Friday, May 17, 2019

Mental Health Awareness Month - Join the movement!

Mental health is essential to our wellbeing. At some point, we all have to deal with challenges and fears that can affect our mental health. In addition, stress, anxiety, and burnout are common issues in our society. They impact our quality of life and may also affect our physical health in the long-term.

Mental Awareness Month is an important occasion to stop and think about your mental health and the mental health of people around you. Unfortunately, our society is not kind to people who struggle with mental health—prejudice and discrimination still affect the way we talk and deal with this topic.

This is why today, and every day, we need to get involved to move the conversation forward and fight the stigma. So, how can you help?

  • Stay informed and educate others.

The first thing to do to fight the stigma is staying informed. Read about mental health, look for facts, and share your knowledge with others.

  • Talk openly about your mental health.

When you talk to your family, friends, and co-workers, don’t be afraid to talk about your personal struggles. When someone opens up, chances are someone else will.

  • Promote equality between physical and mental health.

Many people think that physical health is more important than mental health. Invite them to consider the long-term consequences of mental health and the way it can affect physical health.

  • Show compassion for people who struggle.

When you talk to people who have mental health issues, listen to them and show compassion. Maybe, talk about a difficult time in your life to empathize with them.

  • Empower people to take care of their mental health.

If you talk to friends who are experiencing severe stress and anxiety, show them that taking care of their mental health is empowering, and invite them to look for the help of a professional.

  • If you see something, say something.

If you witness the mistreatment of people with mental health issues, stand up for their rights. You can do the same on social media if you see bullish behavior or articles that stigmatize.

  • Become an advocate

There are many organizations that you can support, and you can also become active in your community and fundraise.

No matter how you contribute to the mental health movement, remember that every one of us can make a difference and fight the stigma. We, at awarenow, believe that everyone needs to have easy access to kind mental health and wellness professionals. In honor of this Mental Health Month, we offer you 15% off any session with any guide on our platform. Just use our promo code - MentalHealth at the checkout at awarenow.io.

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