Friday, May 3, 2019

Meta-trends to take notice of for 2020

1. Soft is the New Hard/Rest is the New Activation.

As the connection between cortisol and general health becomes increasingly clear (even to the extent that repeated nights of 1 hour sleep deprivation causes weight gain)....we see an increased emphasis on sleep, rest.... anything that lowers the load on the nervous system becomes more popular... exercise and treatments for the joints and skin that emphasize coaxing and kindness rather than pushing get more play...nature bathing/forest bathing, meditation, yin/yoga nidra, silent spaces continue to grow in popularity. The curved and soft female body type regains “beauty” status and is shown more in media. Similarly, in response to bluster and gaslighting, dignity and patience become once again more respected. We grow more discerning.

2. Connected is the New Hierarchy.

Relationships, co creating, peer based friendships, the company you keep, power WITH versus power OVER become recognized as the future norm. The Buddha is the Sangha. Seeing more people come into full capacity is the big joy, not controlling behavior and work.

3. Free Time is the New “I’m So Busy”.

The new symbol of status is how spacious your life is. “I have all the time in the world for you.” “I can be completely present.” “I am in control of how I spend my days.” “I can craft a life that allows pleasure, enjoyment.” These are the new signaller of status, and people speak this as a new habit. Playing half the notes, but playing them well, makes for a beautiful song.

4. Alcohol is Ugly and for the Old.

Mellower, less stupid drugs and/or sobriety win.

As elixir bars and tonic dance halls open among the young in urban areas, as alcohol sales drop in this demographic, as the ugliness of drunk behavior and people’s sheer unavailability when intoxicated converge.... drinking is less and less fashionable. It’s cooler to be able to have all kinds of fun and be present with your wits about you. Needing a glass of wine to settle into a party is a crutch. People go straight and create scenes that support that in increasing numbers.

5. From Curated to Real (Social media).

The curated life looks more and more boring. “The museum” (where you put pictures up and leave them there on the Instagram grid) closes. Filters that sanitize life get boring and left behind. Reality Gram, stories that expire... naked, messy, unadorned take precedence.

5 of 20 trends, more coming soon. Thoughts? Can you feel these currents?

Authored by our friend and inspiration Christine Marie Manson

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